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Nov 28, 2006 02:32 AM

Jeff City

Anyone from Jeff City, MO, who can talk about what they like?

I happen to be a huge fan of 3-1-9 Grill, the new place where Hotel DeVille is. I also love Das Stein Haus.

Anyone else?

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  1. There's a Greek pizza place called "Arris" right across the street from the capital grounds, really good.

    1. We like O'Donoghue's on High Street. That is our most recent try in Jeff. City. We live in Columbia, but my MIL lives in Jeff. City, so we go down there fairly frequently and always try a new place. To be honest, we've never had a bad meal in Jeff. City. Typically, we stay away from chains. Kate and Ally's Pizza on Missouri Blvd. is great, and so is La Bamba Mexican on Missouri Blvd. For a good greasy spoon breakfast, try the Town Grill downtown on Jefferson. Cafe Via Roma has great coffee.

      Thanks for the tip on the 3-1-9 Grill in the Hotel Deville. Have you tried Helmut's Kitchen and Wine Bar on High Street? For some reason, I think it might be, or was, affiliated with Das Stein Haus.

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      1. re: Christine

        I also like O'Donoghues, but find it noisy, so we don't often go there. But the food is great.

        I don't care for Towne Grill. But Cafe Via Roma has my vote.

        Yes, Helmut Steiner owns both Das Haus of Europe on High Street and Das Stein Haus. Although I am fairly frequent visitor to Stein Haus, I haven't ever gotten down to his other place. I understand he offers a slimmed down version of the original restaurant's menu at the smaller place.

        Another couple of coffee spots are Chez Monet and Coffee Zone, both on High Street downtown. I haven't been lately, but both are reliable places for lunch and snacks.

        Oh, nearly forgot. We like El Jimador for Mexican. Its location on Missouri Blvd is usually packed, and we like going to its second location on Ellis Blvd in the south part of town.

        1. re: k_d

          Funny that you mention O'Donoghue's as being noisy, but yet you can stand El Jimador's noise level. Out-of-control jibber jabbering children seem to be the norm there. Like you said, it's usually always packed, and that in and of itself makes it very noisy! O'Donoghue's was not noisy when we dined there, but maybe because it was early: 6:30 or so, and there weren't many people there. Have you tried La Mixteca for Mexican on MO Blvd? I understand they are very authentic. The reason I like Kate and Ally's Pizza is that it's NY style, or you can get Chicago deep dish style there, too. Yum! Isn't Arris' Pizza Greek-style, cut in squares? I like that kind, don't get me wrong, but I prefer "traditional" pizza more. I hear the gyros at Arris' are killer!

          1. re: Christine

            The ElJ on Mo Blvd IS noisy... we rarely go to that location anymore. My sister used to love La Mixteca, but I don't think I've ever eaten there - just bought Mexican food supplies.

            Yes.. Arris is Greek style. The gyros are as you would expect. We ate at G&D Steakhouse in Columbia recently (same type of place as Arris) and I don't think the gyros were sliced off a traditional gyros rotating "meatloaf." Tasted like a prepackaged, presliced product that had been thawed and then quickly heated on a grill. Maybe that's the new way to do gyros.

            1. re: k_d

              That's exactly what I thought about the gyros I got recently at
              Gus' on the Business Loop in Columbia. They are related to the folks at G&D (Gus is one of their sons), so I assume the gyros would be the same at both places. Kind of disappointing. I will definitely have to try the gyros at Arris' if and when I ever get there.

              1. re: Christine

                Try the gyros at International Cafe. They are the best in
                town by far.

                1. re: steveb

                  Will do. It's been so long since I've been to the International Cafe. I kind of forget it's there. Have you tried Nikai across the street? We've been there once, and thought the food was really fresh and good. Maybe their gyros are good there as well. In fact, I bet they are since I saw one of those vertical racks where they shave off the beef/lamb meat for gyros. Yum, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

      2. I haven't tried it myself but a colleague of mine swears that the chili at Mike's Corner Pocket is some of the best he has ever tasted.

        Let me also enthusiastically agree with an earlier post recommending Arris Pizza downtown. The House Special can't be beat.