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Nov 28, 2006 01:21 AM

Panchan at Vit Goel (Annandale) - What did I eat?

Lunched at Vit Goel (Lighthouse) Tofu House in Annandale and enjoyed my Soon Dubu very very much - heck of a bargain for $7.50 at lunch (though I can't imagine who else would eat something that hot before 11am, thought I was the only one).

Also felt very well taken care of (us cripplish folks with walkers think about these things) - and didn't get more than one "you ready for spicy?"

Multiple little metal bowls of rice, and she was ready to spoon out more than the two I stopped her at - I'm just supposed to eat the rice, right? I also turned down the cookeed-to-a-crisp remainder of rice I know I'm supposed to add tea to at the end, iot was just way too much for me to eat.

Generous amount of panchan for a single diner 5 little dishes - and I'm wondering about two of them. Fresh (and obviously homemade) bok choy kimchi (fiber-y, but that's the chance you take), something like a fresh napa kimchi in a watered-down broth (a nice "alternate take" on kimchi), marinated/sesame-oil(?) bean sprouts (boring but at least blessedly cooling), and my two mystery items:

1) a TINY DAB (maybe a tablespoon-full) of minced crunchy and VERY SALTY red and white moist bits, couldn't tell if they were hot or not (the soup overwhelmed my ability to tell). Was I supposed to mix this in with something else?

2) the most marvelous cucumber slices - about 1/2" thick, obviously coated with kim,chi-like spice, but underneath they were a bread-and-butter pickle I would eat a gallon of - I would love to make these at home!

Anybody know about these two? Names? Did I identify 'em right?

I'm definitely going back (but maybe I'll wait until afternoon- they start serving that stuff at 10am!)

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  1. Sounds a bit different than what I was served at Vit Goel, so I don't think I can help you. I remember a marvelous bowl of squash as the highlight.

    1. Maybe they were green zucchini-squash slices - I thought I had fully indulged my "spice tolerating muscles", but with that quantity and variety of spices on one table, I was a bit overwhelmed.

      1. Kind of confused by the "minced crunchy and VERY SALTY red and white moist bits." Were they crunchy AND moist? If they were chewy, minced, salty, and red and white they might have been dried shredded cuttlefish with peppers.

        1. Not chewy - think "minced onion or fresh green pepper" crunchy.

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          1. I've having a though time on item two. The flesh cucumber tossed in kimchi like sauce (it hot and sweet flavors) is very good and always served there. But I don't remember something that is like "buttered pickles".

            On the first item, I really love that stuff. Its usually lots of garlic with a spicy red pepper sauce and it has chucks of clambs or squid depending on what they happen to have made. I don't know the korean name exactly.

            Once the rice is scooped out of the stone bowl, leaving the crust, the waitress will add some tea. By the end of the meal, the crusty rice can be then scraped and eaten like rice soup. It has this really nice mellow flavor developed from browning. I ladle the water and the browned rice into my little bowl and add some of item #1 and it is fantastic.