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Nov 28, 2006 01:11 AM

Anyone been to the new Filipino Resto at York Mills & Don Mills?

Filipino is mostly undiscovered territory for me.

This new place (formerly Kenny Rogers, Nanzan sushi used to be) looks clean, fresh, and new.

What's the word?

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  1. stopped by about a week ago.
    Sign said open.
    The door was locked, but there were people inside.
    Seemed very odd.
    Looks sort of like a fast food place.
    Won't be fine dining but might be interesting.

    1. Tried casa Manilla last night.
      I was right it is a food court type of setup.
      Strictly a lunch or take out place.
      empty at 7:30, with the exception of a few take outs.
      large selection of Filipino food two mains and rice for $5.99
      we tasted the yellow curry chicken, rice noodles, eggplant with ground pork and fried, sliced pork hock,and meatballs.
      the food despite our selections being nuked were quite tasty, in fact the yellow curry chicken was quite tasty.
      the young couple who own the restaurant were charming, and explained each dish on the hot table in detail.
      alas, I don't believe they will succeed unless they change their formula, as our entire area is fast food heaven, and they will need to compete with Congee Queen, Tako Sushi, and all the rest of the plastic menu restaurants in the area.
      too bad, nice people.

      1. Thanks for the report, Erly.

        I am inclined to try the place out and support the owners; it sounds like the food is good. I'll try the yellow curry.

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        1. re: Fwagra

          try dalisay filipino food located @ 800 steeles ave w unit a7-nw corner of bathurst and steeles.....they been in the business for 8 months

        2. I went to this place on Saturday last.

          I spoke to the owner; he's a nice guy who told me that they try to serve the more authentic Filipino fare on weekends.

          I surveyed the hot table. There were roasted whole pig's heads, a stew made of pork blood, a dish with pig heart and liver. And if you like tripe, this place may be for you. They all looked good enough, but I just couldn't.

          I settled on Pancit (a vermicelli noodle dish), lechon (pork), and Filipino sausages. The food was good. But, I'm not entirely sure that Filipino food is for me. They seem to really like fatty pork, which I don't. If this restaurant's food is truly authentic, (which I think it is), then perhaps Filipino food may pale in comparison to the cuisines of its neighbours. I felt that, while ok, the cuisines of almost all other Asian countries have much more to offer.

          Now, I caution, I am very ignorant with respect to Filipino food. I may be entirely wrong. If someone knows of another place with authentic and delicious Filipino food, I would like to try it.

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          1. re: Fwagra

            You should try Remely's which is on the north side of Sheppard Ave E, b/w McCowan and Markham Rds, same plaza as Tim Horton's.

            Some healthier dishes include sinigang (which is a tamarind-based stew/soup made with pork or fish) and lumpiang sariwa aka fresh lumpia which is basically an unfried filipino spring roll. The wrapper is made from eggs, water, cornstarch, flour, and salt. Inside are fresh veggies.

            Probably you wouldn't be craving for a cold drink right now, but you can go back for halo-halo in summer. It's a cold drink with a variety of chewables like macapuno strings, coconut jelly, and red beans at the bottom. On top is loads of crushed ice. They pour evaporated? milk over the whole thing and on the very top is ube, leche flan, and ice cream.

            1. re: LikeTheWolf

              Hmmm... Remely's. Am not really sure how fresh the food is being served there. My friend bought rice porridge (arozcaldo) for take out and when he arrived at home it was already spoiled. Remely's in Scarborough and my friend is from Mississauga. I have been there several times though and I do have some favorites. I havent had food posining so thats a good sign!!! LOL

              Another Filipino fast food place you might want to try is "Angel Kiss". Major intersection is Don Mills and Eglinton. If youre heading south, its right after the Science Centre and its the Food Basic plaza is (its actually right across McDonalds). My co-worker had taken me several times and food was really good.

              1. re: bzookajoe

                Was in the plaza today and went to Remely's out of curiosity. It was busy, bright and clean, however the staff were quite rude (seemed only to me, and I was all smiles)? I bought a turon to try - didn't like it. Super greasy. There were a lot of Filipino's having lunch, I was the only non-Filipino, but being Chinese, I got a few odd stares, and not the friendly kind? Oh well.

            2. re: Fwagra

              Your report is quite accurate with regard to Filipino Food. I doubt there will be an attraction for most people to this cuisine. One read of your report should tell us something about the fact that the cuisine of the Philippines does not boast busy, highly desireable restaurants. While ther are a few interesting food items, the emphasis is on fatty pork! Interesting that the cuisines of the country's many small neighbours are much more interesting and accepted!!!!

            3. It's really too bad that there isn't an excellent Filipino resto in the GTA. I've always wanted to have a fairly decent sit-down place where the true beaty of Filipino cuisine could be showcased. Sadly none on the cafeteria style Filipino restaurants do the cuisine any justice. The food that they serve is ok, but nowhere near what a true Filipino feast would be like.

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              1. re: ctl98

                My family (when we're all together in the same relative area) used to eat at Mayette's on the Danforth. Not quite sure how far east they are, exactly... My mom and dad really loved that place. Plus, they'd order in bulk for occasion/events.

                Personally, I don't like Filipino food. I miss my mom's sinigang ng isda, though. I truly wish I had gotten the recipe from her when she was alive. Sometimes, I'll make lumpia (addictive, imo), my hubby likes pancit, and my kids love pandesal for breakfast. However, the other dishes like adobo, innards, food made with blood, etc. are just not appealing to me. But Mayette's is okay. Expensive though, but okay. When they're open, that is.

                1. re: sierramum

                  They are just before Coxwell on the north side.I think they
                  advertise a lunch buffett, that might be a goodime to try.

                  1. re: Leslieville

                    Mayette's has relocated a couple of times. She is now at a new space on Danforth just east of Pharmacy. I don't think she does the lunch buffet anymore.