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Just moved to Emeryville - any recs?

So far I have found Bucci's and Townhouse which are both great, if not a little too expensive for me. The rest of E-ville seems like mall food. Would love to hear what others have found over here that's good and on the less expensive side.


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  1. If you want a nice diner to frequent, go to Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. It is a great American diner with really good one cut above diner food.

    I would also suggest venturing out into Berkeley and Oakland which are both chock full of good food at good prices.

    1. There's a new Hawaiian place that seems good and got positive posts on Chowhound in their other location. I just had the malasadas there but I keep meaning to go back for breakfast.

      Kilohana Grill

      It is two doors down from Arizmundi bakery which makes excellent baked goods and sells a California pizza that changes daily.

      There is Cocina Poblana which just opened. I haven't been, but there have been some good reports.

      For a vegan place, Manzanita is ok. The menu changes daily so some days are better than others.

      It's kind of pricy, but Furenzu might be something different but I haven't been back there since it opened since I don't get to that neighborhood during the hours it is open.

      During the warmer months, Far Leaves Tea has some lunch items

      Solid if not estatic reports about Doug's BBQ

      IIRC, East Ocean Hong Kong Seafood gets respectable reports on the board.

      There's a food court in the Emeryville Marketplace. If you cruise San Pablo Avenue in that area, you'll come across a number of restaurants, some reported, some not.

      Nearby is 900 Grayson, though that is technically Berkeley.

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        I've eaten well at Hong Kong East Ocean, but the dim sum place that's been getting good reports lately is East Ocean in Alameda.

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          The menu for Cocina Poblana sure seems promising... lots of appealing choices... the Shrimp dishes, the Mariscada, Arrachera, & Corunda are all calling to me.

        2. The Emeryville Public Market food court is actually pretty amazing, or at least it was a few years ago when I lived in Oakland and frequented it. See here for some reviews


          and if you search "pamir" or "emeryville public market" you can find more about it.

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            Ditto Emerybay public market - Afghan place is pretty great and very cheap! Chicken kebab plate with rice, topping (spicy lentils, spinach, etc.), salad with "ranch" dressing and sumac, a piece of pita bread and a soft drink for $7 - may be $8 now, but still.

            The Sorobol Korean place is okay. Kal bi, bul gogi, and some very sweetly sticky chicken. There's an Indian place also with pretty good food. Also cheap.

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              For some of the best Korean in the area not far from Emeryville, head up 40th to Broadway for Ohgane.

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                I eat in the Public Market 3+x a week and I think the best place is "Noodles". They make great noodle soups with just about whatever you want. I recommend getting the beef wonton soup and add seaweed!

            2. Don't forget Arizmendi pizza on San Pablo and 42ndish, in the new complex with the IHOP. And I heartily second the recommendation for 900 Grayson (at Hollis) for bfast and lunch only M-Sat. It is truly fabulous.

              1. So, I was down that way today, has anyone tried Kitty's on Hollis?

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                  Kitty's is a nice bar if you like cocktails and DJs. Young hipster crowd. Food was apparently forgettable since I've forgotten it.


                2. The mall food in Emeryville is pretty good and not like mall food many other places. The Asqew Grill is pretty darn tasty and healthy and inexpensive for what you get: choice of meat/fish/veggie kabob, choice of starch, etc. I've never had anything I didn't like there when grabbing a quick and cheap bite before a movie. Ambiance is kind of lacking.

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                    There are two malls in Emeryville.

                    The food court at the Emery Bay Public Market is relatively funky, cheap, has some good stuff, and parking is free.

                    Bay Street Emeryville is totally corporate, all chains (some small and local), prices are high given the mediocre quality, and they charge for parking.


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                      I think the food at Asqew is quite tasty bordering on delicious and if you park in the bottom only meter parking, parking is pretty cheap. It's consistent and fresh. The other places aren't bad, either. I love the food court but the food can be very uneven. I've had great Korean and Mediterranean, some good Thai, and then lousy Japanesey noodles, mediocre and fairly expensive Indian, etc. You can get a bargain or a total waste of money so be prepared to explore, taste small amounts--like a buffet with charges for each item.

                      It's a place to explore, for sure.

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                        I agree and I'm usually unwilling to eat in a food court. Mmm Balsamic Beef!

                  2. Is Lois the Pie Queen still open in Emeryville? I'm in Brooklyn, but I love that place.

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                    1. betty, where did you come from? That could help recco's. lots around but depends on what you liked where you were...

                      1. Wow - you guys are fantastic! I moved across the bay from San Francisco (not a giant leap) but I lived in Bernal Heights, and could walk to Cortland AND Mission/Valencia for any type of meal imaginable.

                        Googling some of your recommendations, it looks like some of these Berkeley and Oakland places are walking or at least a short bike ride, too.

                        I love this site - you guys are great. Many thanks!

                        betty (chowhound newbie)

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                          Hope you will report as you try some places near your new home.

                          I just ate ate Cocina Poblano which I liked.

                          There is a bakery - Teacakes in the more chain-oriented Emerybay which has the theater. Everyone seems to like the cookies (including me). However the reaction is mixed to the pricy cupcakes with the opinion leaning to negative ... I'm in that camp.

                          There is a TJ's in Emeryville too if you need a nearby market.

                          Also, Ikea has a cafeteria and there are generally good posts about the Swedish meatballs ... if nothing else, they are cheap ... Swedish meatballs ... can't get that in Bernal Heights, eh?

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                            The mall with all the chain restaurants is Bay Street, with the AMC theaters and Barnes & Noble.

                            Emery Bay is the other mall, with the United Artists theaters and Borders. Is there a restaurant in the old Kimball's Carnival space?

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                              I must be behind the times. I know it as the Emeryville Market. When did it become the Emery Bay Public Market? (Google give more results for "Emeryville Market" :-)

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                            O yeah, I second Arizmendi's. Everything there is really good and you can get 1/2 baked pizza to go.

                            fyi for bicycling-- 65th is a good street to cross the Amtrak tracks on your way to Berkeley (better than Powell St) and there's an elevator-equipped pedestrian/bike crossing in the Emeryville Public Market parking lot too.

                          3. Two words. Los Cantaros- on San Pablo just around 53rd street is really good. Their chile verde burrito is amazing- as well are their Mexico City tacos and Mole burritos. I compare every Mexican place in the East Bay to this one. Their hours are a bit funny.. but it's woth it. They have a larger full restaurant also on Grand by Lake Merritt. Enjoy!

                            1. Go to Miyozen on the corner of 40th and San Pablo and get the sashimi salad. Everything else there is fine, but the sashimi salad is great (sushi rice, diced sashimi, lettuce, bonito flake, tobiko and nori served with bi bim bap sauce).

                              1. On the way not expensive side, Emeryville has at least two taco trucks. One parks
                                near Home Depot and the other nearby on 40th around ToysRUs. Neither is outstanding,
                                neither is bad, I like the Home Depot one better.

                                We're getting close to having listed every single restaurant in Emeryville (except for
                                Denny's, those things on the other side of 80, and isn't there a place sort-of behind
                                Denny's across the parking lot from the Wells Fargo...?). But there are at least two
                                more options for lunch:

                                Ruby's (not to be confused with the aforementioned Rudy's) on Hollis around 62nd.
                                Decent sandwiches that only feel a little bit overpriced. Breakfast and lunch only.

                                Cabucci's, an offshoot of Bucci's, is hidden in the office building directly across
                                Horton street from the Amtrak station. It's the building that has the Subway in
                                it, but it's far enough from Subway to be safe. Really, really terrific roast pork sandwich
                                which, for me at least, is way too expensive ($9.50) to eat very often even though
                                I want to. Also lunch only.

                                1. I believe Chuckles was referring to Emery Bay Cafe, which is the breakfast and lunch spot behind Denny's. Great standard American breakfasts and they do mean omelettes and eggs/crab cake benedicts.

                                  The 80 freeway is extremely accessible in Emeryville so I frequently jump on and exit at University Ave for Indian food/snacks at Vik's Chaat Corner, burgers at Cafe Rouge on Fourth St, ice cream at Ici and Sketch, and Cal-Japanese at O Chame.

                                  Parking tip for Bay Street: there's a narrow strip of parking between the hotel (Woodfin Suites, I think) and the TJ's plaza. Park there and walk across the street to avoid the parking fees at Bay Street.