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Nov 28, 2006 01:05 AM

Just moved to Emeryville - any recs?

So far I have found Bucci's and Townhouse which are both great, if not a little too expensive for me. The rest of E-ville seems like mall food. Would love to hear what others have found over here that's good and on the less expensive side.


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  1. If you want a nice diner to frequent, go to Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. It is a great American diner with really good one cut above diner food.

    I would also suggest venturing out into Berkeley and Oakland which are both chock full of good food at good prices.

    1. There's a new Hawaiian place that seems good and got positive posts on Chowhound in their other location. I just had the malasadas there but I keep meaning to go back for breakfast.

      Kilohana Grill

      It is two doors down from Arizmundi bakery which makes excellent baked goods and sells a California pizza that changes daily.

      There is Cocina Poblana which just opened. I haven't been, but there have been some good reports.

      For a vegan place, Manzanita is ok. The menu changes daily so some days are better than others.

      It's kind of pricy, but Furenzu might be something different but I haven't been back there since it opened since I don't get to that neighborhood during the hours it is open.

      During the warmer months, Far Leaves Tea has some lunch items

      Solid if not estatic reports about Doug's BBQ

      IIRC, East Ocean Hong Kong Seafood gets respectable reports on the board.

      There's a food court in the Emeryville Marketplace. If you cruise San Pablo Avenue in that area, you'll come across a number of restaurants, some reported, some not.

      Nearby is 900 Grayson, though that is technically Berkeley.

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        I've eaten well at Hong Kong East Ocean, but the dim sum place that's been getting good reports lately is East Ocean in Alameda.

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          The menu for Cocina Poblana sure seems promising... lots of appealing choices... the Shrimp dishes, the Mariscada, Arrachera, & Corunda are all calling to me.

        2. The Emeryville Public Market food court is actually pretty amazing, or at least it was a few years ago when I lived in Oakland and frequented it. See here for some reviews

          and if you search "pamir" or "emeryville public market" you can find more about it.

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            Ditto Emerybay public market - Afghan place is pretty great and very cheap! Chicken kebab plate with rice, topping (spicy lentils, spinach, etc.), salad with "ranch" dressing and sumac, a piece of pita bread and a soft drink for $7 - may be $8 now, but still.

            The Sorobol Korean place is okay. Kal bi, bul gogi, and some very sweetly sticky chicken. There's an Indian place also with pretty good food. Also cheap.

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              For some of the best Korean in the area not far from Emeryville, head up 40th to Broadway for Ohgane.

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                I eat in the Public Market 3+x a week and I think the best place is "Noodles". They make great noodle soups with just about whatever you want. I recommend getting the beef wonton soup and add seaweed!

            2. Don't forget Arizmendi pizza on San Pablo and 42ndish, in the new complex with the IHOP. And I heartily second the recommendation for 900 Grayson (at Hollis) for bfast and lunch only M-Sat. It is truly fabulous.

              1. So, I was down that way today, has anyone tried Kitty's on Hollis?

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                  Kitty's is a nice bar if you like cocktails and DJs. Young hipster crowd. Food was apparently forgettable since I've forgotten it.