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Nov 28, 2006 12:52 AM

Me and My Turkey Stock...

I butterflied my turkey and had the following bits for stock from a 12# bird: neck, backbone, wing tips, bishop's nose, wishbone, drumstick knobs. So, I tossed them into my pressure cooker with 1 qt of water and cooked at high pressure (15 psi, I think; mine is Fagor) for 30 minutes. I strained it, skimmed off fat, and put the liquid into a clean pot and boiled it down to a thick syrup, then poured it into small bowl and into the frig overnight. I got barely 1/4 cup of hard, rubbery stuff that is heavenly in classic, escoffier-type sauces as a substitute for chicken stock.

I was about to toss out the turkey pieces, but noticed a lot of meat at the bottom of the chinois. So, I took a few minutes and picked out all the bits of meat. I had more than enough for one sandwich, so I tossed it with a bit of my favorite BBQ sauce (right now, I am using Chef Leon's) and had fabulous sanwich of rich, BBQ sauce turkey.

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  1. Was there any flavour in the meat or was it basically binder for the bbq sauce??


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    1. re: Davwud

      Well, it was nice and moist and tender, but it was hard to tell it was turkey. The flavor was almost 100% sauce, but I enjoyed it since the BBQ sauce was pretty good.

    2. Stock made this way, in a pressure cooker, would equal the quality of stock simmered for hours? I was thinking this might be a good idea, but everybody seems to be simmering forever..Alton Brown simmers, does not mention a pressure cooker. Does anybody know if it works?

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        A pressure cooker works very well for stock. The end result tends to be cloudy, but the taste is great.

        This being said, a pressure cooker cuts the time but adds to the labor considerably. A pressure cooker needs to be continuously monitored while a stockpot does not. You can bring a stockpot to a boil, cover it, reduce it to the lowest setting and then forget it for 8-12 hours. Go to bed and wake up to stock or go to work and come home to stock.

      2. Aren't you resourceful! And as a frugal person, I approve. Lol.