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Nov 28, 2006 12:51 AM

Grand Sichuan St. Marks - what to get delivered??

Long time new yorker seeks dishes from GS for delivery ASAP.

I find the american style dishes to be btops as far as that style food goes (very greasy tho) But I am intimidated by the others. Ordering unfamiliar dishes in a restaurant is easy but delivery feels like a crap shoot.

I like anything with "fresh chicken" when they offer that and spicy is good but sour is bad.



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  1. I couldn't wait so here's what I just ordered if anyone wants to chime in with other recs feel free. Future delivery is guaranteed.

    Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken (heard its good
    Dan Dan noodles
    Vegetable Mai Fun

    It's just me so that's all I got.

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      You ordered well. The fresh killed chicken options are fantastic, if they do those for delivery. I also like the spicy Chinese broccoli--intense sichuan peppercorn flavor, and a nice numbing tingliness. The other thing I've enjoyed there is the cold lotus root appetizer, slices of crisp, refreshing lotus root in sweet rice vinegar.

      I wish I lived somewhere where I could get Grand Sichuan delivery! Enjoy, and report back.

    2. the soup dumplings there are great. I like that chicken and hope you do

      1. I gotta say I wasn't that impressed. Nothing was bad but I just didn't love anything. Maybe I should just stick with the chinese I grew up eating and save the 'authentic" for whe I'm dining out. I love both but siting on my couch and feeling like chinese delivery I think I'll just stick with orange beef and sesame chicken. Which against what everyone on this board says, is excellent over at grand sichuan, especially now that funky broome is under renovations again.

        Funky broome/jazzy wok is my other favorite spot for both american style and more adventurous chinese food.

        Oh and Kam Chueh for a seafood feast. This actually is my top spot now that I think about it. Yes definitely.