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Nov 28, 2006 12:30 AM

Where are the best croissants outside of France

Let me know

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  1. This is a tough one! I've had excellent croissants at two metro NYC locations: Riviera Bake House in Ardsley (Westchester County, north of NYC) and Marquette Bakery (formerly of Brooklyn, then of the central Village). The key is to get them hot out of the oven!

    1. Patisserie Claude. We JUST wrote about it yesterday. Seriously lovely croissants.



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      1. re: Nosher

        Yes, Claude! Also good, imo: La Bergamote, Provence en Boite, Ceci-Cela. But Claude is my go-to.

        1. re: sadie

          I agree with Sadie and Nosher. I absolutely love Patisserie Claude. I also wrote about my search for great croissants in NYC a month ago.

        2. re: Nosher

          I went on an obsessive croissant hunt last year to answer this question. My conclusion was that it comes down to personal preference: do you like the shatter effect? buttery? how crispy on the outside? do you pull them apart? etc ...

          For me, Patisserie Claude blows away the competition with plain croissants. His croissants are not the most pleasant looking ... as if to confidently suggest they are THAT good. They have a crispy outside, don't shatter that much, and have a really buttery moist inside. Go early in the morning for these ... they're usually gone by 1pm. They're also time-sensitive!

          La Bergamote has mind-blowing almond and chocolate-almond croissants. Wow.

          Ceci-Cela and Payard are both tied at #2 for me. Their pastries shatter a little more. Also, Ceci-Cela has a really nice atmosphere to sit and read a book in the back. Hope this helps.

          1. re: ajgnet

            My wife and I live in Baltimore and found Patisserie Claude several years ago. We go to NYC frequently, and never fail to visit there---usually more than once while we're there. If you like coffee with your croissant (and Claude's is not bad) go around the corner on Waverly St. to "Joe". They have the best lattes this side of Seattle, and on top of that, they are the most artfully crafted ones I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of them.

            By the way....when we were in France, their croissants couldn't touch what Claude puts out.

          2. re: Nosher

            I love that place! Meringues are my favourite... Last time I passed by it was closed? Are they back in business?

          3. Although I agree that Patisserie Claude is very good - give Chez Laurence a try as well. I really enjoy their croissants. My two favorite croissants in the city are Patisserie Claude and Chez Laurence. For chocolate ones, for some reason, I am stuck on the Fairway ones - but that may be for sentimental reasons =)

            Pic and blog entry re Chez Laurence:

            Pic and blog entry re Pattisserie Claude (and others):


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              Hi VF,

              I do like Chez Laurence's croissants; you're right that they're great. But if given the choice, I'd still go for Claude's every time.



            2. Williams Sonoma mail order. You leave them out overnight
              and bake in the morning. Felt like we were in Paris !
              Very, very good.

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              1. re: Stew

                Those are vey good. Another hound invited me over one AM to taste them and they impressed me. We had most excellent from Ottolonghi in London.

              2. claude is my favorite in nyc too, but i just had a croissant with ham and cheese at the new caffe emilia on 1st ave bet 8th and 9th and it was incredibly good. better than a lot i've tried in paris.