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Nov 28, 2006 12:15 AM

crock pots and slow cookers

I just got a 3.5 quart crock pot on Friday and am looking for some good recipes to make it in. We got the Williams Sonoma cookbook and I tried the bacon and beef stew last night. Not bad. We work long hours and usually don't have time to cook on weeknights so I thought this was worth trying.

Other than Boston baked beans and Texas red chili which I make in my Le Creuset french oven, I am pretty new to slow cooking too. Please share your favorite recipes and cookbooks so we don't have to always eat out or grab teriyaki after work. Thanks.

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  1. Cholent, a jewish dish. I no longer have any jewish cookbooks, but this was the first fantastic thing I ever made in my crockpot. As I recall, it was a big hunk of beef covered with water and cooked overnight (perfect for the crockpot, or so I thought as a young man). Sorry I do not have a recipe. I do remember the meat being butter soft, the kind you can eat with a spoon; also, save the broth, it is a fabulous start for soup.

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      to give you a recipe for cholent - I use a larger crock pot so I can not give exact amount - you might have to eye ball it -
      with a 3.5 qt crock pot I would put in about 1 1/2 lb chuck
      1/2- 1 cup of navy beans or pinto or kidney
      1/2-1 cup of barley
      cut up russet potato
      cut up 1-2 onions
      3-4 cloves crushed garlic
      1/4 cup brown sugar
      1-2 tblspn of some catsup
      1/4 tsp of kosher salt
      fresh ground black pepper
      and if you have room slices of kishke (jewish dish - basically stuffed derma can be bought in the frozen kosher food section) on top -

      cook on low - 12-16 hours - this typically was put up before the start of the sabbath and eaten for lunch the next day- 14-16 hours later

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        I thought cholent was supposed to have dried fruits (prunes and/or apricots??

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          I believe that is the sephardic traditiion - I have always known it as a very savory heavy stew that is cooked overnight -

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            I thought cholent was supposed to have dried fruits (prunes and/or apricots??

            I think you mean a tzimmes which is sweet and savory. A cholent is usually laden with beans and bony and/or tougher cuts of meat since it cooks for hours and hours on low heat.

      2. My favorite recipe is my grandmother's pot roast -- 1 brisket (usually about 2-3 lbs), browned on the outside, 1 can Campbell's golden mushroom soup, 1 packet Lipton's onion soup mix, a bunch of chopped carrots (I usually add about half a bag of those baby carrot sticks), cook on low all day, add 1/4 c. bourbon 1/2 hour before serving. I'm not usually a can of soup cook, but that's delicious, albeit a bit salty.

        I bought Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker cookbook and have been very pleased with the recipes I've tried. A standout is an Asian pork with peanut sauce, which involves slow cooking 2 pork tenderloins (or 1 2 lb pork loin) with teriyaki sauce, rice vinegar, sliced red bell peppers and garlic, then shredding it and adding creamy peanut butter.

        1. Red beans and rice.

          In your crock pot. Add a lb of red (Kidney) beans (Pre soaking weight) which have been soaked over night. A medium chopped onion, some sort of smoked sausage (1 lb, diced) a ham hock, some Cajun seasoning and just enough water to cover it. When you get home, pull the hock out and let cool. Make a pot of rice. Stir the pot and crush some of the beans so they act as a bit of a thickener. Pull the meat off the hock, return it to the pot and serve over the rice.

          Add hot sauce to your taste at any point.


          1. this is a pretty good site...

            If you like ribs, they come out wonderful- fall off the bone.
            Also enjoy jerk chicken.

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              Jerk chicken in a crock pot is the best way to do it I think.


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                How do you do the jerk chicken in the slow cooker?

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                  Add chicken and jerk sauce and let it go.
                  Right now, the sauce I have is very thick so I add some orange juice.

                  You get a nice gravy which you can pour over your rice.


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                    I have done the same thing with pork. Let it go all day, and then shred the pork voila- great pulled pork.