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Dinner in Newport RI

Looking for a nice spot for dinner in Newport. Have done The Black Pearl, Peurini's (spelling?), Red Parrot. Would rather not shell out spend more than $22/entree. Recommendations? Anywhere fairly new worth trying? Is Cheeky Monkey worth the money?

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  1. The Black Pearl is a winner in my book.
    I have not been in Newport in some time. When I was traveling there quite frequently, Clarks Cook House was on my "A" list. Took clients there. We were never dissapointed.

    1. I would recommend Tucker's Bistro. It may be a few dollars over your price point, but the food is excellent, as is service and the ambience. The Shrimp Thai Nachos are amazing for an appetizer. Their description does not do the dish justice! http://www.tuckersbistro.com/index.html

      1. I'd make a dinner out of appetizers at Tucker's.


        1. I am not a Newport Veteran (only been about 5-6 times). But I usually head to Christies Warf. An extensive menu, large dining room(s), and dance floor with live entertainment.

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            Sorry to disappoint you, but Christie's is no more. It closed at the end of this summer, and now is a private yacht club of some sort.

          2. I loved the Cheeky Monkey. I was there in the summer at lunch time and they were not open, but when I peaked in to see what the atmosphere was like, one of the staff invited me in to look around. Went back later in the evening and had appetiziers and dessert. The shrimp appetizer was wrapped in a phylo dough and drizzled with a spicy cream sauce with a lovely presentation. For dessert, flambed bananas foster couldn't get any better! To top it off the same young woman who had let us in to check out the restaurant, was bartending and treated us to a free glass of wine!

            1. Scales n Shells is very good for seafood, but may be outside your price range. Brick Alley has a diverse and affordable menu, but the atmosphere doesn't appeal to everyone. It may be too casual for your taste, reminiscent of an Applebee's.

              1. I also love Scales and Shells (get the lobster fra diavolo and some frosty-cold Newport Storm on tap...be sure to bring some dining companions and your appetites for that dish). The also specialize in wood-grilled seafood. The room is light and airy, unlike many Newport restaurants. There is a small raw bar in front. Takes no reservations. Oh, and no credit cards accepted.

                For something more funky, I like Salvation Cafe. Globally-influenced menu (pad thai to steak frites). If you like the tiki-aesthetic, this is great place to eat and hang out.

                1. Have you ever tried Patrick's Pub which is in the downstairs of the Canfield House? Great pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, stuffies, and in your price range.

                  1. While we're on the subject of Newport, any suggestions for lunch w/my 11 yr old niece? I'd like something sort of festive, (we'll be going to see a mansion decorated for Christmas first) but w/a plain enough menu to satisfy a kid who'd truthfully be happier at McDonalds.

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                      I immediately think "Italian-American" because I think it's safe food that won't break the bank (although what better opportunity to challenge your neice's tastebuds a bit). I remember reading about Pasta Beach in the projo but I haven't been myself. Here's a link to their menu (it's BYOB, in case you'd like a glass of wine with lunch).

                      What else might be fun is high tea. I'm sure there's someplace in Newport to do that.

                    2. Mmmmm - whether or not I take her, I'll definitely be checking this place out at some point....thanks!

                      1. Pasta Beach is good, however, they are closed for the season. Also, they are no longer BYOB. Zelda's is moderately priced and very good for dinner, for lunch in the off season try the Black Pearl.

                        1. Pasta Bar is fantastic, not just good. I drive from Boston to just get the real 'Italian' pizza there. They must be closed now though... (from what I was told when I checked last time I was there in late Sep).