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Nov 27, 2006 11:10 PM

What is a great restaurant in driving distance of NYC for native new yorkers who are sick of NYC restaurants?

Need a great restaurant that is not in Manhattan for 4 native New Yorkers who are looking for something great to celebrate a birthday. We are on the waiting list for Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester.

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  1. Does it have to be as high-end as Stone Barns?

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    1. We ask that questions and recommendations for Brooklyn restaurants be posted on the Outer Boroughs board:

      Discussions of restaurants outside of the 5 NYC boroughs, of course, should continue here.

      Thanks for your support.

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        1. ryland inn in whitehouse station...frog and the peach in new brunswick...both are in jersey...not too far

          1. La Panetiere in Rye.
            Crabtree Kttle House in Chappaqua.
            Le Cremalliere in Bedford
            Freelance Cafe in Piermont.

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              Try Restaurant X and Bully bar in Congers....worth the drive !

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                Oh yeah! Good call. I forgot about them.
                Also, Thomas Henkelman in Greenwich, CT