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Nov 27, 2006 11:02 PM

Delivery in Pacific Heights?

Does anyone know any good restaurants that deliver to Pac Heights / Presidio Heights (other than Pizza)? Preferably free deliver? Waiters on Wheels and others rob you with the deliver fees. Thanks!!

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  1. I go to Mozzarella di Buffala which, while technically a Pizza joint, is owned by Brazilians so there is a number of great, hearty Brazilian dishes that I enjoy delivered; namely, the fejoida.

    1. Cocina Poblano. Haven't tried it yet but there have been a bunch of positive mentions on Chowhound.

      1. We LOVE Cocina Poblana! In fact, had it delivered last night. Their chicken mole and fajitas are wonderful, as are the burritos! The only down side is they don't really have any appetizers and it's a $20 minimum for delivery. Most dishes are under $10. And sometimes they don't have a driver, so call and ask before you have your heart set on it.

        Also good options:
        Eliza's - Chinese (at California/Baker)
        India Oven (Fillmore & Geary?)
        Ten-Ichi - great sushi, Japanese

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          I am pretty sure that Elizas only does take out, not delivery... have you heard otherwise?

          1. re: funmarysf

   that you mention it, you may be right! Sorry about that!

        2. Menupages has a list of delivery options. Here's the Marina/Heights area:

          1. this is great, thanks!!