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Nov 27, 2006 09:38 PM

Harlem Rugelach

I feel the need to confess. I'm a very bad 'hound. I've lived in Harlem for almost two years, and never once stopped in to Lee Lee's, despite passing near it pretty much every day of my life, and despite an early endorsement by a neighbor.

Confession #2. I've never had rugelach before in my life. But perhaps I have, and it's just never been memorable. So take this for what it's worth.

Today I stopped in to Lee Lee's, and was so glad I did. (And all you Florence's enthusiasts, and just-about-to-try-La Marmite-ers should stop here too). The place is scruffy, with "pardon the renovations" signs up (so I'll pardon the scruffiness). The man who runs the show is slow moving, eager to chat, and lovely. The rugelach is weighty, the dough buttery and crisp, the insides sweet, but not too sweet. Topped with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

I asked for two, and paid a dollar, but just discovered three in the bag. So either they're 50 cents a piece and I got a free one, or they're 33 cents.

Oh, and the sign on the door advertises grits, eggs and biscuits for $3. I will certainly be back.

Lee Lee's Baked Goods
283 West 118th Street (just East of Frederick Douglass/8th Ave)

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  1. On return trip, I asked-- $0.50 for one, and $6.00 for 13.

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      I just linked to this thread on another Harlem thread so I thought I should update. Prices are up a smidge. 60 cents for one, $7 for 13. Still great.

    2. Harlem Rugelach... you gotta love it!!

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        No, really. You've GOT TO.

        After rose_water's endorsement I finally stopped by Lee Lee's yesterday. Rugelach do not get any better than this. I repeat, these are the real-deal, and not just that, they're ideal. The lovely woman behind the counter with the soft Caribbean accent said they were "apricot." As it turns out, they're raisin-walnut-cream cheese-apricot. Makes me smile just thinking about them. Truly spectacular.

        Anyway, I know what you mean about being a bad Harlem 'hound. I know I haven't really explored since I first moved in. Imagine what other treasures are waiting for us!

        Thanks, rose water.

        1. re: Spoony Bard

          Apricot! I didn't pick it out, but you're absolutely right, it's in there. I'm really glad you liked the rugelach. It is fantastic stuff.

          I look forward to hearing about your Harlem 'hounding discoveries!

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          1. I want to chime in on this one. I ordered two baker's dozen for a dinner party last week and they were simply divine. Long-established UWSers asked me where I had got them, claiming to never have had better. Praise all around.