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Nov 27, 2006 09:37 PM

Anyone in NYC have experience dining at a chef's table? Is it worth it for a special occasion?

Was just curious if anyone has tried this. I saw that Cafe Grey and Daniel have them. I'm sure there are others. Was wondering if the experience is worth it. Thanks.

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  1. I had the recent pleasure of dining at Cafe Grey's Chef's Table ( now I have now idea of the costs as this was a christmas gift). The table has a terrific view which from what I can tell is reserved for only the Chef's table, the private dining area and the Kitchen staff! Our waiters was terrfic when he was attending to us, however I felt he was absent much longer than necessary too many times - especially since he was exclusive to the Chef's table. The staff is very gracious AND the food is not to be believed. The taste & texture combinations were exciting. The meal is composed of many small plates each with the protion getting a bit bigger as they progress - all delicious. A few disappointments was the lack of attention to the rest rooms - and somewaht spotty service and Chef Kunz was in his office yet never made an appearance to greet us ( Although unspoken, I know this was upsetting to our host)