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Unique for Parents in Noe Tonight

Hi there,

I'm looking for someplace for six tonight in Noe Valley. It should be moderately priced and not too hard to get a table without reservations. I've recently been to Le Zinc twice -- and, by way of a review, was quite pleased with the food quality and the service -- so we're looking for something new in the neighborhood.

Also, open to surrounding neighborhoods.


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  1. Have you tried Firefly or Bacco?

    1. If I lived in Noe, at eat at Incanto twice a month. Fantastic food that is very interesting, moderate prices, easy to get a table at the last minute.


      1. There's a special dinner at La Ciccia tonight, but it might be sold out:


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          I think it might be sold out, but in any event, I wouldn't think of ever going to La Ciccia with a group of six without a reservation (per OP's request), special dinner or not. Very unlikely that a group that size could be seated without a reservation (it is very small, and I have seen folks turned away every time I've been there, and every table taken, whether weeknight or no.)

          1. re: susancinsf

            Ah, right you are, I forgot how tight the space is there.

        2. As for surrounding neighborhood, try Blue Plate at about 30th & Mission.

          1. How about Fresca on 24th? Shouldn't be a problem with reservations. Further up the street is Lupa where I've always had luck with walk-ins. Next door is Kookiez (sp?) though I have to admit to being underwhelmed on my last visit.

            As it's Monday be sure to phone ahead - some in the 'hood are closed on this day.

            1. Good calls by all. Over in Glen Park there's Chenery Park. Check for Monday hours.

              1. Bacco, Firefly, Fresca, Incanto. These are all better than Zinc, in my opinion (though based on only one trip to Zinc versus numerous times for the others). Bacco has been serving white truffle risotto lately, though that'll set you back almost $40. The rest of the menu is more reasonable.


                1. Where'd ya end up ???