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Nov 27, 2006 09:26 PM

Smith St. brunch this Saturday

looking for recommendations for a Saturday brunch on Smith St.--prefer something hearty and traditional, but unusual and intriguing would also be welcome. Does Boerum Hill Cafe have brunch or just breakfast on weekends?

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  1. Unfortunately Chestnut---hands down the best brunch on Smith st---doesnt do it on saturday, only sunday.

    I've had very nice brunch at Apt 138, esp their stuffed brioche french toast. I've also had good brunch at Bar Tabac (eggs tabac are great...eggs with merguez, yum). I believe Porchetta does brunch like their former restaurant Banania used to do.

    I believe it was full-on brunch the time I went to Boerum Hill on a weekend morning. Very heavy stuff.

    1. Not exactly Smith St, but brunch at Stan's Place on Atlantic is excellent. There's a New Orleans flair to most dishes, but they still offer the basics. I had the steak and eggs last week with brabant potatoes and cheese grits. Not healthy, but really tasty! I'd also recommend the chicory coffee.

      1. Patois also has a great brunch, but I believe that's also only on Sundays.

        I agree with Nehna about the brunch at Bar Tabac. Really delicious. I've also had a good brunch at Cafe LULUc.

        1. I had a dreadful brunch at Boerum Hill Food Co. a month or so ago. It took nearly an hour for our food to come out (two orders of eggs in some variation), and it was clear my egg sandwich had been sitting under a heat lamp for the better part of that hour. I actually sent it back (which I never do, esp. since I was starving) since the cheese had hardened and congealed into the bread. Nasty. They did the right thing (by comping the check), but the server was pretty blase about it and I'm not sure I'd go back.

          I had a great brunch at Ceol a few weeks ago though-- tremendous Irish breakfast. Chestnut's brunch is fantastic! I used to love Banania's brunch, with their basket of chocolate croissants and muffins. Yum.