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Nov 27, 2006 09:25 PM

Houston NW recomendations near Jersey Village

I used to live there until 3 years ago and I'll be back this Friday. I'm looking for someplace different in the 290/1960 area that's houndworthy. Moderate to upper moderate price.

Please help, if not my buddy is going to insist on going back to the same "cajun" place or I'll insist on going back to Napolis just because I ate lunch there twice a week for 7 years!


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  1. There is the Prime Steakhouse, but thats PRICEY. Its at 1960 and Grant

    Pho Bong Sen is a new(ish) Vietnamese restaurant thats quite good. Its on 1960, just north of Jones. I highly recommend the sate beef flat noodle and this undercooked beef dish that they have under "chef specials". Their pho sucks though.

    1. There's a new restaurant at 1960 and 290 southwest corner called Barton Springs that pretty good.