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Nov 27, 2006 09:21 PM

Italy for New Years

We will be in Rome on New Years Eve - then traveling to Venice by train on New Year's Day. Any suggestions on where to spend our New Years eve? Also, I have had mixed reviews on Venice - if we are only there for one great dinner - where should we go? Will anything even be open on New Years Day for dinner?

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  1. You will certainly be able to find a fine meal in Venice - even on New Years Day. You have the options of making enquiries by email or phone in advance, getting help from your hotel or simply walking around after you get settled. (it helps to get oriented ahead of time about where the good and possible restaurants are - the Rough Guide map and the Venezia Osterie/Venice Eateries books both map their recommended places)

    Its true that many restaurants will be closed for the holiday, but certainly not all. Its also Monday, a closing day for many restaurants, and I think the rialto fish market (though fine restaurants have other sources than the rialto market) There have been recent threads on both Venice dining and New Years in Rome - it would pay for you to search this Italy forum for info.

    You dont say how many days you will be in Venice or where you will be staying - it may be harder to get that great meal on the evening of New Years day than, say the next day (Tuesday). Please note that from Christmas up through January to Carnival is a low season in Venice, when many places choose to close. Having said that, we have visited twice over this period and love it. The fact that we have some dining disappointments is offset by the low number or tourists generally and the romantic air of the city in winter. Just be prepared to be flexible, you will find good food, esp if you stay away from San Marco.


    This is too expensive to be my cup of tea and I usually dont go for the hotel restaurants , but some of our posters have highly recommended the restaurant in the Hotel Metropole - and, as a hotel restaurant it is perhaps more likely to be open on the holiday.

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      I was in Venice the summer before last. We happened on this little place and it was wonderful. All locals, no tourists and a small, elegant but casual, romantic room. Their specialty is Frito Misto, the fried fish dish. It's wonderful. Lots of other delicious things, too. I dont know if they'll be open when you're visiting. Here's the contact info:

      Vecio Fritolin
      Calle della Regina (Rialto), 2262
      Tel: 041 5222881

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        We were in Venice a year and a half ago, and also came upon Vecio Fritolin on our last night. What a breath of fresh air! We were given complimentary glasses of Prosecco because we had to wait about 10 minutes for our table. The fritto misto was wonderful. Can't remember what else we ate, but the homemade bread was fabulous and, when we asked to purchase some, were handed a bagful of bread at no charge (we were the last customers, and they were closing up).

        My sister is heading to Venice next week, and I told her that she must try this restaurant. It was probably our favourite place, after spending 2 weeks in Italy where we were generally underwhelmed by the food.

    2. The best in town is the restaurant "Do forni", researched food and very expensive. I suggest to go to Verona (Romeo & Juliet city) and go to the Enoteca Vini. Try meat and their great Amarone Wine selection. Then come to Pantelleria Island and let me take you to a journey in the fantastic wine & food land of sweet passito wine. Bye.

      1. I'm also going to be in Rome for New Year's Eve and am looking for a festive place to have dinner that evening. Suggestions anyone? So far I'm looking at Gusto, Maccheroni, La Campana, Orso 80--all in the area between Piazza Navona (where our hotel is) and Piazza del Popolo (which is where the midnight fireworks are, if my info is correct.) I'm thinking I need to make reservations soon, so I'd sure appreciate some response on this matter. Thanks.

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          I wish I could help - I think you are correct that they have fireworks at Piazza del popolo - we saw them set up for then at the Millenium year, tho we ourselves viewed the fireworks at Piazza Venezioa that year (a wonderful experience, the only time weve seen italians drinking on the street - in this case bottles of spumante) . We havent dined out, unfortunately, on the occasions where we spent capo d'anno in Rome - of the restaurants you mentioned, LaCampana seemed like it had slipped on our visit 2 yrs ago from what we remembered 25 yrs earlier, but the vignarola soup and some other dishes were still very good, and the ambiance civilized; Orso 80 is a fave of this board and would certainly be convivial on that night but has been slammed recently by several - dont know if something has really changed there in the food quality; my take on Gusto is that it is more an imperson NY style than intimate Roman style restaurant, and not many say good things about its food but it might be festive and good for the occasion. Matricianello is appealing and also in the general area - thats what I would try for, but dont know if they are open that evening. There's a Gambero Rosso guide for Rome - might find other options there.

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            Thanks Jen Kalb. I've started seeing more and more on Matricianello and with your rec (which I'd certainly trust from other posts I've read) I think that'll be my first effort--let's hope I don't have to move on to less charted territory. Thanks.

        2. I also am going to be in Rome for new years with 4 others. any restaraunt recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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