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Nov 27, 2006 08:44 PM

En Sushi vs. Zip Fusion

My friend wants to have sushi at one of the above places. Since I have not been to either, which one is the better choice?

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  1. Haha, this is like trying to pick the better of two evils--if you really can't convince your friend to try elsewhere, I'd go with En over Zip.


    1. Ditto...En is definitely the lesser of two evils...

      If you're looking for sushi in the area, why not try Sasabune or Hide, instead?

      1. agreed, en has better eats than zip.

        1. I am meeting my friend for Sushi in the Los Feliz/Silverlake area and they just opened a new En on Hilhurst. If there is a better place in the area, please let me know.

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          1. re: Rheux

            Saito's Sushi on Sunset at Fountain (NE corner) is vastly better than En.

            1. re: HPLsauce

              Saito is better for traditional, but the interior is very sparse and unless you get to know Saito, his manner is more "efficient" than "friendly". I'm not saying En Sushi is the best, but they have a much better "vibe". Without being too trendy...