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Nov 27, 2006 08:39 PM

portuguese / linguica sausage

My dad is from Hawaii, and loves portuguese sausage. He now lives in Colorado and can find it at several international markets. When he was here (Houston) for thanksgiving we went looking for this spicey treat. We found nothing. If anyone knows where to go to buy this, I would appreciate it. I am especially interested in the "Redondo" brand.

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  1. I'm in Dallas and there is nowhere to buy it here, either. Central Market carried it for awhile, but has since stopped. I regularly buy the Gaspar's brand, which I consider to be the best, from their website at

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      I was just at Central Market in Plano this past weekend and they had linguisa in the meat dept.

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        They do have it in the meat dept occasionally, but I've tried it and it's not even comparable to the packaged stuff from Gaspar's or Amaral's. It's too bad as it would be really convenient.

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          Go to this is the best stuff that I have ever had. I enjoy Gaspars and Amarals, but they are somewhat fatty. Being from Fall River, I grew up eating this brand. Billy's Cafe goes through about 300 to 400 pounds of this per week. They ship and are reasonably priced. If you tell them you know Walter Goncalo's son Daniel in Texas and that I recommended them, they might give you a small discount. My ancestors are from the Acores as well, I believe Sao Miguel.

    2. My mom is from the Azores. She buys stuff when she visits the Boston (Fall River, Providence) area and ships it to herself and me. However, since she can't do that too often we're partial to this site:

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        Which island is your mom from?

        I'll second your recommendation of that site. That's where I go for my occasional Queijo de Sao Jorge fix (when I can't find it or don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it at Central Market), as well as for Portuguese sausages.


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          Mom is from Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel. Mmmmm...Queijo de Sao Jorge. Reminds me of many a breakfast at my avos in Boston. Warm crispy rolls smeared with butter and slices of Sao Jorge, fruit, and plenty of hot tea or coffee.

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            My Grand Parents came to Hawaii from Riberia Grande, Sao Miguel. There is still family there that we don't know " Cavaco Family" We know the Cavaco's from the East coast are our cousins but they don't know any of Us from Hawaii..We are the next generation and Love our Portuguese sausage.. There is a Cavaco Meat Market in NJ that makes Linguisa, but they don't return any phone messages for ordering Sausage?? Looking for a place in Texas to purchase some Portuguese Sausage...Any suggestions.....Thanks Julian

      2. They sell portugese sausage mix (Noh brand) at the Asian markets in Austin. I haven't tried that, but it might work if you are really desperate.

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          What Asian Market...Name and location would be nice....Thanks Jc

        2. Two sources from the southeastern Massachusetts area are Amaral's Sausage

          and Gaspars Sausage Company or

          If you Google linguica sausage you will find more.

          Happy eating

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            Acoreana Chourico Manufacturing
            (508) 678-2098
            210 Alden St, Fall River, MA 02723

            I was born and raised in Fall River and this is by far and away the best chourico or linguica you will find in the area. Gaspars and Amarals are good, but Acoreana is the best. Billy's cafe, which is a staple in Fall River goes through about 300 pounds of chourico a week and they get it from Acoreana. They ship and everything is vaccum sealed, etc.

          2. Could you please tell me which product at the Gaspers site is the "right" portugese sausage? I am originally from Guam, and like the Hawaiians, we LOVE portugese sausage. I have tried every brand/product of sausages in my area (Boston) and although they have been good, is definitely nothing like the portugese sausage from back home (like the kind you get at McDonalds...) I have yet to find the same one like from back home. Thanks~