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Nov 27, 2006 07:54 PM

Now, what to make for Chanukah?

The first night of Chanukah is Friday December 15 (work day for me). I have already set aside Sunday December 10 to do the "make ahead" stuff - cookies, applesauce (yes, from scratch!). Do you make your latkes ahead or not? What can I make beside brisket? (family is tired of this! oy vey!) What traditions did your bubbe and zayde pass down that you want to share with others? What else can I made ahead and stick in the freezer? TIA!

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  1. Traditioinally you should make things with oil/fried - hence latkes - try a different spin to the latke - maybe sweet potato or carrot/zuchinni - made the same way just swap out the potato - these should freeze ok - for the short period you will be freezing -

    1. There's always sufganiyot in the fried-stuff category. And in place of brisket, my mom made a leg of lamb last passover that was fantastic. Just roasted with garlic and herbs, real simple. It's not exactly seasonally appropriate for chanukah, but it's much better than the traditional sandpapery Jewish brisket, and still kosher.

      1. In my experience, traditional potato latkes get oil-laden and dark over time, so I'd opt to make them just before serving. In my house they get eaten right out of the frying pan --- they rarely even make it onto a serving platter. Brisket is good. So is stuffed cabbage, which can EASILY me made ahead and frozen.

        Bubbie and Zayde were always good for Hanukkah gelt -- five dollars if we were lucky. And, back in the days of my childhood, we received ONE Hanukkah gift from my parents, not the "one for each night" that so many kids have come to expect today.

        1. Cindy, I agree with the $5, that's what we used to get in the '60's. So today that would be- $20? I already bought my chocolate Chanukah gelt, CVS had a 2 for 1 special last week. We also only got one present. This business of one gift for all eight nights can get very expensive and a little boring. The sweet potato latkes sound good, but DH is allergic. Our grocery store when we lived outside Chicago several years ago used to make vegetable pancakes with grated zuchinni, carrots, onions and spinach. I may try that now that you jogged my memory. I have some parsnips and turnips I could add too. Leg of lamb does sound good and a butterflied leg could be cooked pretty quickly on the grill, Any recipes for butter cookies? We got out our menorah, dreidel, and other Chanukah cookie cutters last night. Thanks!

          1. So, still looking for latke recipes, butter cookie recipes and suggestions for meat/poultry for dinner - anyone?