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Nov 27, 2006 07:53 PM

Really great gin?

I'm getting my boyfriend an antique cocktail shaker and want to round out the present with a really nice gin. We have Sapphire at home, but is there something really fabulous and over the top? I'm not a gin drinker, so I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. You might consider Hendrick's, which is infused with a hint of cucumber and is certainly novel. If you are doing martinis I'd garnish with a cucumber slice.

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      i second Hendrick's & the cucumber slice, or try mint as well.

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        hendrick's is insanely good. I almost wish I'd never tasted it, as I've developed a bit of a habit with the stuff.

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          Here are some of my favorites.

          Bluecoat American Gin- if you like orange and a hint of musk

          Van Gogh Gin- citrus and spices

          Damrak Amsterdam Gin- almost a genever, malty and complex

          South Gin- unique from New Zealand

          Csacade Mountain Gin- conifers, sagebrush, and mountain wildflowers

          Hamptons Gin- very floral with some citrus- like a better Citadelle or Magellan

          Zuidam Dry Gin- probably the best cirus fronted gin on the markey, creamy citrus zest

          Gin No. 209- nice smooth, piney with citrus

          Seagrams' Extra Dry Gin- A mid-priced gin with an amazing smoothness and taste from oak barrel aging. For citrus gin lovers don't let the low price fool you this is a premuim quality spirit.

          Martin Miller's Reformed London Dry Gin- a cucumber powerhouse

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            JMF --

            thanks for the links to your reviews on slashfood -- very impressive! fun to read, and makes me want to try a whole batch of new gins. i'm fantasizing about a bar that has many/most of them so i can try them in 15mL mini-shot-flights without having to buy the whole bottle.

            i fantasize about finding the same thing for Islay Scotch's as well. sorry to deviate from the GIN topic, but do you know of an online resource that describes a variety of Islay Single Malts similarly to your evaluation of gins? or the best, current in-print version?

            thanks in advance... alekz

        2. Hendrick's is very good stuff, but not very traditional. If he's a purist, I recommend Cadenhead's Old Raj, also made in Scotland. It's one of the strongest and most intensely flavored gins out there. The thing that puts it over the top is its yellow hue from being infused with saffron.

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            Hendrick's is probably my all-around favorite as well, but a few other noteworthy gins in my opinion:

            Mageallen (it's blue, ostensibly from the Iris that is in the floral mix)

            i'm so beyond totally over Tanquery 10. i prefer regular Tanquery now. and i never liked regular Bombay or Sapphire.

          2. Thanks! I had forgotten that he really like Hendricks. I think I'll go for that because it should be relatively easy to find. Thanks again and happy holidays!

            1. There are also a pair of micro-gins being made in California: No. 209 (distilled by owner of Dean and DeLuca), and Junipero (distilled by Anchor Steam of beer fame).