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Feb 24, 2005 03:53 PM

Mr Ribs - Corte Madera

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Spurred on by a comment on this board and yesterday's write-up on SFgate, coupled with the fact I needed to visit West Elm, Fred and I decided to stop by Mr Ribs Real Deal BBQ in Corte Madera Town Centre.

It's a cold day - so not ideal for eating outside, but we braved it anyway and each took a "Baby Back Snack" Two pork ribs, sauce and corn muffin. ($3.99 each) served in a white takeaway box.

In addition, when we paid for our goods, inside the deli, we had a small tub of potato salad to share.


2 small ribs - the best part of the meal, lightly smoked, served warm, wrapped in serrano wrap (remmber to remove before eating). Difficult to eat: (Meredith - this is something you definitely eat without cutlery! )
I can still smell the smoke on my hands, despite the lenmony wipe they provided for cleaning up afterwards.

corn bread - i didn't like this. I am take it or leave it with cornbread. Some I prefer more than others. This one was too "steamy" for me.

sauce - was cold. very cold. too cold. Neither here or there.

the meat was the memorable part.

Potato salad hit the spot too.

Didn't fill me up in the slightest - probably because I didn't eat that cornbread.

I took some pics but due to house move wont be able to post them up for a while.

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  1. i don't think i meant serrano wrap. Whatever - I never did get what to call "cling film" in America. Hope you know what I meant.
    The ribs certainly weren't wrapped in serranno ham or anything exciting like that..

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    1. re: Sixy Beast

      Saran Wrap - a brand name of clingwrap.
      Too funny, though, I actually was picturing ribs wrapped in ham.
      Good idea on the trying to just find large rib portions for the silverware free meat eating feast!

      1. re: Meredith

        This being California, I was picturing a serrano chile lovingly tied around a single rib.