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Nov 27, 2006 07:33 PM

Cafe Adelaide's bar chef table?

I recently read about a new take on a chef's table being offered at Cafe Adelaide, where the chef and the bartender do a customized dinner with cocktail pairings instead of wine. Has anyone tried it yet? Sounds kind of interesting...

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  1. I have tried the bar chef's table at Cafe Adelaide and it was fantastic! The bar chef's name is Lu Brow and you speak with her beforehand to go over what you like and don't like. Then she tailors the evening to you. It was so much fun. Just don't drink too much before you go. Five cocktails may not sound like much, but these are not weak drinks. Trust me you'll have a great time!

    1. I am getting the shakes just thinking about this concept... drew could you kindly go into any details you might remember regarding this stellar concept? Also: how is it priced?

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        There is a special table for four set up in one corner of the Swizzle Stick Bar with a small bar next to the table. Each drink has been chosen or designed to compliment the course with which it is served. Ms. Brow explains each drink's history as she makes the drink at tableside. They are all truly works of art. She works closely with the chef there and he also comes to the table with each course to describe what he's made for you that night. It is pampering at its finest!! I believe the price for our meal was $90 or $100 per person. I'm not sure that it included the tax and tip. I was a guest of a great friend so I never saw the final bill.