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Nov 27, 2006 07:21 PM

Sea Ranch

My wife and I are staying at SR the week of the 9th of December. As architects we am well aware of its fame but don't know whats in the vicinity. Are there wineries and good food within 50 miles or so? Help! Thanks.

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  1. Pangaea in Gualala, 5-15 north of Sea Ranch, depending upon where you're staying.

    1. Be careful driving the roads up & around Sea Ranch. It could easily take you 90 minutes (or more) to drive 50 miles north or south on Highway 1.

      You might want to do a search for Gualala, as there have been posts in the past about restaurants there. For a casual lunch (fish & chips, hamburgers, etc.) the Smokehouse at the Sea Ranch Golf Links is worth a visit.

        1. My wife and I found the lodge at Sea Ranch restaurant to be quite good for dinner. We had the tasting menu which was well conceived and paired with some excellent wines.

          While you can go north to get at some wineries like Roederer in the Anderson Valley, you can also go east and hit the Healdsburg area. The problem is that while the distance east does not look that great, the road has many sharp turns and is extremely rural. Not a great scenario for post winery visits, unless you allow enough time to make sure you are clear headed.

          1. Bones BBQ in Gualala is pretty good. I recall the beef brisket was quite smokey and the beef ribs were tasty.

            Dinner at the Sea Ranch lodge is quite nice. Sorry I don't remember the details of the meal.