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Nov 27, 2006 07:20 PM

Fogo de Chao in B'More

Thought I read somewhere that Fogo de Chao is opening a site in Baltimore, anyone have any info. Have yet to make it to the DC location but have always had it on my radar!!

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  1. Their website lists Philadelphia and Minneapolis as coming soon. But no B-more.

    1. I heard they'd be in the Best Buy building across from ESPN Zone.

      1. If they do come to B'more, any bets on how long before their name gets the "B'lieve, Hon" bumper-sticker treatment, and becomes (at least informally) "Go Fo' da Chow"?

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        1. re: Warthog


          Ya know, the Inner Harbor really needs another chain restaurant...

          1. re: hon

            That's all we'll ever see there, unfortunately.

            Still, I've only been to the one in DC, but chain or not, Fogo de Chao is always a lively time with great food and service. I'd be happy for them to come to Charm City.