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Nov 27, 2006 07:09 PM


Does anyone know the name of that famous sushi place in the valley? It starts with an M...and people refer to it as the "sushi nazi"...? Thanks!

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  1. Sushi Nozawa. BTW, I don't recommend it. There's far better in the area, like Tama Sushi, e.g.

    1. It's Sushi Nozawa. While I like it, it's not the best fish in the Valley -- I agree with Bob's recommendation for Tama... or for a more interesting Japanese dining experience (though not necessarily sushi), skip Nozawa and go next door to Daichan, which is homestyle Japanese cooking in a really interesting room.

      1. Oh no, you've gone and done it now. I feel like I should hide under my desk. Blaspheming the great Nozawa! The chow-gods will smite you down! Let the flaming begin.

        Shhh... I agree.

        1. I'm sure this topic has been endlessly debated on this site, but I have to say it: others might be more interesting, but Nozawa is still a great ride, especially for someone going there for the first time. It's just very specific - warm rice, and a delicious if predictable line-up of high-grade fish. His baby tuna sashimi opener, blue crab handrolls, and scallops are some of the best I've had on both sides of the Pacific. (By the way, Daichan next door was only ok IMHO, and the decor was mostly tacky stuff that one might find in a tourist shop in Little Tokyo, certainly a less interesting chow experience for me than Nozawa, one of the first omakase-oriented sushi bars to make an impact in the United States.)