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Nov 27, 2006 07:07 PM

Large Group Dinner--Like Blue Smoke--Help

I need to make a reservation for dinner for 15 for next Thursday . . . just got the ok from my boss to go ahead, and now blue smoke is fully booked--anywhere from midtown to downtown, just want a similar atmosphere--HELP!

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  1. The Pig Gig at Daisy Mae's!!

      1. Different food but same big, fun atmosphere- Rosa Mexicano

        1. OTTO - Italian version of Blue Smoke

          1. R.U.B. might be able to handle 15, although its a bit down-market from Blue Smoke. Even a place like Virgil's in Times Square is actually kinda good, although nowhere near "authentic" and the same kinda down-market-ness. Maybe try Hallo Berlin for a beer-hall-ish, big meat kinda place.