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Nov 27, 2006 06:54 PM

Best Christmas bread recipe?

Can anyone suggest a great traditional yeast bread to make for Christmas? I was thinking of panettone, but don't want to buy a special pan.


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  1. I've been very happy baking stollen for about the past ten years.

    You colud get those paper bakers for pannetone - are you making it for yourself or for gifts?

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Myself. But are those papers really necessary? Couldn't I just shape them into a ball?


      1. re: fatfudge

        I haven't made pannetone myself, but I think it's a rather soft dough and would need some container. You could probably get away with a round casserole dish of some kind.

        1. re: Allstonian

          You can bake it in any kind of pan with various side heights. But to get the traditional shape, you'll need a cylinder-shaped pan that is tall enough to shape the sides, but short enough to get that little pouf on top. Paper bags (greased, sturdy ones) would work. We used to use coffee cans, back in the days when we bought our coffee already ground.

    2. I make a Greek Christmas Bread which has walnuts, figs,and raisins and is somewhat sweet. I bake it in ordinary 9 inch round cake pans. It is a yeast bread-relatively easy and very tasty especially toasted! If you are interested I will post the recipe.

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      1. re: emilief

        i would love the recipe for the greek christmas bread! that would be so very appreciated:-)

        1. ditto Stolen.

          sweet, light and yeasty. toasted? oh, boy!

          recipe available if needed.

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          1. re: toodie jane

            Would you mind sharing? I would love to have that recipe. Thanks!

            1. re: Andiereid

              sure. I posted it last year about this time, but looked and couldn't find it today. will post it soon.

              1. re: Andiereid

                found it! I'm no yeastbread baker, but made this after watching a demo and it was not difficult. Results truely rewarding!


                ***please NOTE my following admending post about baking at 400 for 10 MIN, then turning down heat to finish baking. :)

                1. re: toodie jane

                  The stollen I've been making for years is exactly like that with one minor addition: I add a couple of spoons of dry mashed potato flakes, or a small boiled and mashed potato (no seasoning). It makes the crumb of the stollen very soft.


            2. This is called Triestine Bread by Gale Gand. It looks to take a couple of days to make.


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              1. re: yayadave

                I loved this recipe and was considering using it for gifts it sounded so good. I do not have a mixer with a paddle, much more low tech. Do you think it would still be a good choice, if I do it with a milder mixer or my hands?