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Nov 27, 2006 06:46 PM

Help with birthday dinner--steak

My boyfriend wants a good steak for his birthday (wed) and he threw out the suggestion of Smith & Wollensky. We only know it from driving by it, not from recommendation. Is this a good choice for good steak/nice birthday dinner? Is there a better choice? I just can't find much on these boards about it and i want to have a good experience.

The only thing is that we want to go to one we haven't been to before so Papa's, Perry's, Del Frisco's, Dakota's, III Forks, and Al Biernet's are out.

Thanks for any comments/recs!

--forgot to add, i'm in Las Colinas, so anywhere between downtown dallas and Addison is fine by me.

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  1. You could add Bob's, but I think they are still closed due to the fire.

    The other sugguestion I have is Chamberlains in Addison.

    1. Smith's is very good, but you could try the Silver Fox in Grapevine.

      1. There's also Nick and Sam's, and the Palm.

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          1. "The Gun Club" as it is reffered to is a great choice for a fun night out. If it is just for the 2 of you, make sure you request a table away from the action as most S&W's can get very, very loud. The steak au poivre is excellent, the sides are all very good. It is no more outragously priced than any of the ohter high end steak houses. The service is consistent, and at least better than average. My favorite will always be Papa's, but I frequent the Houston location. Their 12 oz ribeye blackened with bleu cheese crumbles is top 10 on anyone's list.