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Nov 27, 2006 06:26 PM

Bukharian in Rego Park, Queens?

After reading the NY Times article a few months back, we're finally going to make the trak to check things out. Does anyone have any recommendations? The 4 places we know of are: Cheburechnaya, Shalom, Salute and Tandoori.

Please help!

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  1. The kebabs @ Salut are outstanding.
    Try the chicken on the bone kebab.

    1. If you go to "CHEB..." the pelmeni soup, salad, samsas and a few veal liver and lamb kebabs will more than fill you for about $15 (T&T included).

      If "SHALOM" is anywhere nearly as good as its' predecessor (Beautiful Bukhara), then order any of the above items, especially samsas.

      1. Aunteejoy,
        Not having been to Tandoori, I cannot comment. As for the other three, it is hard to go wrong, price-wise, food-wise, value-wise. If you hit Shalom, go for the salmon kebab, which gets my vote for best bukharan kebab in the hood. As I've said in previous posts, Shalom's Salmon Kebab is just about the tastiest thing I've ever eaten off a stainless steel blade.

        1. If you go to Cheburechnaya, be sure to get the garlic french fries and as many chebureks as your stomach can hold. The mushroom ones in particular are outstanding and the meat are also delicious. They have great kebabs too. BF and I ate like kings there for about $15 total.

          1. of all the queens places listed in the ny times article, i still like salute the best for the kebabs (chicken on bone, as another poster mentioned, or lamb rib are the best), lagman (noodle soups), and french fries topped with garlic and parsley. really good stuff. the other places are good, too, though i wasn't crazy about the samsa or manti at tandoori. overall, that place is solid, tho.

            incidentally, my barber, an uzbeki bukharan jew who's lived in forest hills for 27 years, used to always go to salute or tandoori, but over the past year he's gone exclusively to gan eden, located on queens boulevard in forest hills. he swears this is the best of all the bukharan jewish places right now, but i haven't been there yet so i can't speak from personal experience. it's the same owner as the now-defunct gan eden that used to operate in midtown's diamond district.

            he also really likes colbeh, a kosher persian restaurant on main street in kew gardens hills. i've only been to that branch once myself, but i felt it was the best of the 3 colbeh locations (the other 2 are in manhattan and great neck, long island).

            and i really liked cafe kashkar, tho it's been over a year since my last visit. very good, flavorful, juicy kebabs and really outstanding lagman (meatier and more bone in the broth than the bukharan places) and samsa (comprised of 4 smaller pieces stuck together rather than a larger pie). probably because this place is halal muslim, the flavors are a bit different than the kosher bukharan places; more meaty and more flavorful IMO.