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Nov 27, 2006 06:20 PM

70's East Side- any rec's?

Looking for something Chowish...not a typical UES place

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  1. Cafe Mingala for Burmese food.

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    1. re: Scott V

      I second this. It's underrated although the decor is kitschy, and is a welcome change from standard neighborhood Chinese or Thai. Try the unique dumplings. Sushi of Gari's omakase is one of the best ever, but it is ultra pricey (expect to pay $100/person)

    2. atlantic grill for fish, spigolo - italian, sushi of gari

      1. J.G. Melon (74th/3rd) has my favorite burger north of the Shake Shack.

        1. I like Zocalo for Mexican. Also, there are a lot of good French Bistro's on Madison Avenue.