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Nov 27, 2006 06:19 PM

Need new food processor - any recommendations?

My 20 year old Moulinex (France)is about to give up. I like the accessories that came with it (5 in all). I've been making bread doughs so I need a food processor that has a strong motor.


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    1. same here. I would get another cuisinart without thinking about it. They are the workhorse of my kitchen.

      1. My Cuisinart was made in 1984, and still going strong. I have attachments they no longer make for it, and when it goes, I will replace it with the 14 cup model.

        1. Same decision pending.
          My Cuisinart is the original import - late 70s - but getting feeble. It has never spent a minute not on my counter. But I hear the newer Cuisinarts are not as good. Problems with motors, etc.

          Consumer Reports, December, 2006, - Best Buy is an $80 KitchenAid KFP710. But I think I want something with a larger capacity. Their #1 rated is KA KFP750; #2 and #3 are also KitchenAid.
          Don't need breadmaking - have KA mixer - but thinking of going all the way up to restaurant Robot Coupe. Isn't that by Cuisinart?
          Any experience with any of these?

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            The KitchenAid KPF750 is also rated highest by Cook's Illustrated. The KPF760 is *not* recommended because of a stupid design decision in the feed tube: the plunger needs to be inserted at least halfway before the machine will turn on. I have a simple Cuisinart and it works as well now as it did years ago when I bought it.

          2. We got a Cuisinart in Oct 76 for a wedding present. It is still on the counter. 5 years ago we acquired a second home and bought a new Cuisinart for it. Performance is almost identical. We hope the new one lasts 1/2 as long as the old one, which still runs like the day we got it.