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Need new food processor - any recommendations?

My 20 year old Moulinex (France)is about to give up. I like the accessories that came with it (5 in all). I've been making bread doughs so I need a food processor that has a strong motor.


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    1. same here. I would get another cuisinart without thinking about it. They are the workhorse of my kitchen.

      1. My Cuisinart was made in 1984, and still going strong. I have attachments they no longer make for it, and when it goes, I will replace it with the 14 cup model.

        1. Same decision pending.
          My Cuisinart is the original import - late 70s - but getting feeble. It has never spent a minute not on my counter. But I hear the newer Cuisinarts are not as good. Problems with motors, etc.

          Consumer Reports, December, 2006, - Best Buy is an $80 KitchenAid KFP710. But I think I want something with a larger capacity. Their #1 rated is KA KFP750; #2 and #3 are also KitchenAid.
          Don't need breadmaking - have KA mixer - but thinking of going all the way up to restaurant Robot Coupe. Isn't that by Cuisinart?
          Any experience with any of these?

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            The KitchenAid KPF750 is also rated highest by Cook's Illustrated. The KPF760 is *not* recommended because of a stupid design decision in the feed tube: the plunger needs to be inserted at least halfway before the machine will turn on. I have a simple Cuisinart and it works as well now as it did years ago when I bought it.

          2. We got a Cuisinart in Oct 76 for a wedding present. It is still on the counter. 5 years ago we acquired a second home and bought a new Cuisinart for it. Performance is almost identical. We hope the new one lasts 1/2 as long as the old one, which still runs like the day we got it.

            1. I've used my Kitchenaid KFP670 on an almost-daily basis for the past four years on everything from bread dough to hummus, and it's been a joy to work with. Granted, it's hard to compete with the classic Cuisnarts which have been working flawlessly since the dawn of modern man, but I go along with Buckethead that Kitchenaid food processors have consistently outranked Cuisinarts in recent product tests. This is especially relevant because these older appliances which have worked so well for so long were made with different parts than their contemporary replacements. A brand's reputation from back-in-the-day isn't always the best judge of current quality.

              1. I have a Robot Coupe and have been using it steadily and well snce the mid-70's. I don't ever see that brand in the stores, but, according to google, is alive and well. Anyone have one?

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                  onefineleo, You must be wealthy or cook for a large number of people, as I have never seen a Robot Coupe used outside of a commercial kitchen. I have used them many times at work, but I have a standard 11 cup Cuisinart at home.

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                    Oh, how I wish you were right about the wealthy part. Actually, my Robot Coupe was a college graduation gift....and from looking at their web site again, I don't think my model is available anymore (sad). It is very much for home cooks and, as I wrote earlier, still serving me so well. I wonder when it will qualify as an antique (seeing that I almost do).

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                      I asked about FPs at the restaurant supply house and they sold only the Robot Coupe. It was about $300, 350, can't remember.
                      I paid about $165 for my Cuisinart in the late 70's - about 30 years ago - so that's barely more than $5 per year! Damn, it was worth it!
                      The large home models are all around $200.
                      I am seriously thinking of just biting the bullet and springing for the RC.
                      Kelli, how much bigger is the RC than your 11 cup Cuisinart?

                  2. Making sense, Where did you get a quote of $300.00 for a Robot Coupe? Is it new or used model and does it have a warranty? The R2N model is bigger than a home Cuisinart, but I'm not sure if it is double.

                    I have the most experience with the R2N series, but I have probably used the complete product line over the years.

                    Most Pro model R-Cs are $500+ and go to double that amount, plus accessories.

                    1. RC no longer makes processors for home use. i have one from about 20 years ago and i need a new bowl because the handle has cracked and making the connection so it will run is always iffy. been toying with a replacement but as i don't use mine all that often i am hesitant. i've read many reports and postings about both the CA and KA...it's really a toss up. apparently (from what i've read) the heavy duty cuisinart does bread dough more easily than the KA if that's your main concern and primary use.