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Nov 27, 2006 06:19 PM

Gotham or Public?

My niece is an upcoming chef with an interest in asian themed fusion food. I know Gotham is an institution that has been around forever and that Public has an upcoming innovative chef. Unfortunately, I have not been to either one. If you could only choose one, which one and why? All feedback appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I am not sure I would pick Gotham (though I had a nice dinner there over a year ago) but I would not pick Public. I have eaten there a few times and each time I have found the food to be disappointing -- mediocre at best and overpriced for what you get. The restaurant itself is a nice space, but I find the food is not up to par (although others will certainly disagree).

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      I agree. I've never been to Gotham (but the board seems pretty unanimous in its praise), but Public didn't wow me, especially considering the prices. I feel like there are better choices in that price range, like Gramercy Tavern or something.

    2. Is there any reason why you are limiting yourself to these two restaurants? I don't think either is good for your niece who is interested in Asian influenced foods. There are much better choices, any of the Jean-George restos to start with.

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        No particular reason other than their reputations and recommendations about their respective chefs. Since I do not personally care for Asian influenced or "fusion" cuisine, I have no personal experience to provide her. I am open to any recs that would benefit her. Thank you

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          I haven't been, but Annisa is another restaurant commonly mentioned in the Asian fusion category.

      2. I think a better bet for what you are looking for would be Asiate. I disagree with the assessments of Public, however, I've had excellent meals there several times. I don't particularly consider it very Asian-inflected, though.

        1. if you're looking for asian-influenced food, neither gotham or public are a good fit. i recently ate at chubo on the lower east side, which was nice (comfortable and homey, especially for fusion). asia de cuba is pretty good too but more glitzy. although it's pretty swanky asian-fusion with a big name, i didn't enjoy jean-georges' vong. finally, between gotham and public, gotham is far far far superior.

          1. Annisa is definitely the place to go. Have eaten there several times during past few years and always great food and experience. The chef is Anita Lo and she is extremely creative. Also, interesting wine list in that most, if not all, producers are female.