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Nov 27, 2006 06:16 PM

Dinner in San Antonio

I will be in San Antonio for two nights next week with my fiancee and would like to take her out for her birthday. Price is not so much a factor but nothing too ostentatious – we're after quality of preparation and ingredients in a nice warm atmosphere. Also looking for local/authentic spots for other meals.

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  1. Not sure how much driving you want to do but we found a great place a few weeks ago, less than an hour out of town. It's called O'Briens and it's in Bergheim.

    From SAT go north on 281 to State Highway 46 and turn west, it's about 10 miles on the right. It's a bit more than an hour from our house and we've been back a couple of times since discovering it.

    Good luck

    1. In the downtown area for a high end meal I would try Biga on the Banks, Le Reve (you would be hard pressed to get a reservation but I would try. It is also around $150 a person but amzing food), or Las Canarias at the La Masion del Rio hotel. I also like Silo which is about 10 to 15 minutes north of downtown. The Lodge at Castle Hills is great food too and the restaurant is cozy. It's also about the same distance from downtown. A great lunch, brunch or more casual dinner place dowtown is the Liberty Bar. Great food, great atmosphere and who could beat a buling that looks as if it fall over.

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        I used to live in San Antonio. Absolutely adore Liberty Bar. Get the duck salad, it is scrumptious, and washes down nicely with a good beer or glass of wine.

        Main Street pizza (off of Main Street near UTSA) offers the best local pizza, and it is cheap as all get out. And for burgers, you have to go to Cheesy Jane's (at the intersection of Broadway and Hildebrand), great burgers and malts.

        As for bday dinners, The Vineyards (a tad far out in Garden ridge) is super romantic and super delicious. A beautiful atmosphere with traditional, but exquisite food.

      2. The Lodge, nice atmosphere, great food. Also, Bin 555 same owners.

        1. There is a great little italian place northeast of downtown, Gianni's Cucina and Pizzera. I wrote about it in a previous post,
          Great food at a great price.

          1. I'm in S.A. this week, and just got back from a very surprisingly delicious North Indian restaurant. It's in the northwest part of town, near the Medical center tucked away in a little strip mall.

            India Palace
            8440 Fredericksburg Rd.

            Very clean interior, attentive waitstaff, and a very good buffet... although I'm going back again tomorrow night and I'm ordering one of the six lamb dishes off the menu. Can't wait!

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              Wow! I'm surprised to hear such praise for India Palace! The last few times I was there the food was just mediocre (once for dinner, had tandoori chicken...once for lunch buffet, both several months ago now though). I'll agree with the cleanliness and waitstaff though. Nice folks :) My only complaint is that the restaurant is so tiny...but sometimes that can be a good thing :) I may have to head back there soon to give them another go and see how I feel. I've been SO craving a good curry!