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Nov 27, 2006 05:53 PM

Did you see the episode with Broccoli Soup on Molto Mario?

This is a shot in the dark... but did anyone see the Molto Mario where he made a broccoli soup using almost just water and broccoli? I can't seem to find the recipe on Food Network and was wondering if anyone knew the gist. Were there more ingredients than broccoli, garlic, and water?

Thanks! I know I"ll be lucky if anyone responds to this....

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  1. I have made mine using water as the base (not chicken/beef stock), onions, a small garlic clove for just a hint of flavor, broccoli and cream and don't forget the cheese.
    Some days I have made a rue to cut down on the cream but either way I just toss it all in the pot (without the cream and/or rue) let it cook until tender and finish with cream, rue and cheese. SO SIMPLE!

    For a twist-
    Bake potatoes in oven- remove potatoe from skin and add to soup when adding cream/cheese

    or add croutons and top bowl with cheese and melt under broiler like it was french onion soup.

    or add soup to casserole dish- top with puff pastry and bake in oven until pastry is browned. Bring to table and serve- impresses company!

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      meffa,nice suggestions. just FYI, it's roux when you cook with it.
      rue is a verb or a plant.

    2. just saw the episode today!
      he basically boiled broccoli for ten minutes.
      in a separate pot he sauteed sliced garlic till they just darkened with a hot pepper. he added the broccoli to the pot with day old bread, cubed. then enough of the cooking water yo cover. and. he seasoned it well and that's it!

      1. This answer is to a very old question, but I've made this soup before and it was very good. So much flavor with only a few ingredients.