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Nov 27, 2006 05:48 PM

Terrace on the Park- good for wedding?

Planning a wedding for next year. Visited Terrace on the Park this weekend and quite liked it, the combo of value and views from the top floor. Any opinions? They don't have food tastings but if we go with their hall, most likely we'll have outside Chinese catering (they suggested Ping's and Sweet n' Tart). Any ideas?

Food is a big deal for me and esp. for a Chinese family which is why this is posted on Chowhound! and not some femaley wedding site. Appreciate all opinions.

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  1. Yes-I went to a graduation party there and it was nice

    1. This is our second year of having our office's holiday party there. I also go to 3 other functions a year there and think its way above average

      1. Since my office is nearby have had many office functions (holiday parties, retirement parties) there and the food is always good and the staff professional. Have also been to 2 bat mitzvah's in the "penthouse" and it was really special. Coctail party outdoors w/that spectucular view. I don't think you'll be disappointed.