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Anybody been to Frontera Grill in Alhambra?

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I just drove down Main St. and saw a sign for Frontera Grill? I couldn't tell if it's open yet or not. Anybody been to it if it is open, or know anything about it?

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  1. Any idea if this is connected to the Frontera Grill in Chicago, run by Rick Bayliss?

    1. Don't think so, and I was driving by pretty fast so it might have been just Frontera and I immediately thought, oh, Frontera Grill. I'll go by there tomorrow on foot and see what's up.

      1. Rick's web page makes no mention of it.

        1. The Alhambra place seems to be called Fronteras. Just one letter, but what a difference!

          1. Thanks, sorry for the false alarm. I'll check it out anyway and see if it's any good.