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Nov 27, 2006 05:40 PM

Looking for great food hole in the wall - $$ - french cusine

I'm going for my first visit to DC and staying in the Georgetown area of DC. Would love to find that place where the food takes center stage and the decor is not important. Does this place exist in the DC area?

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  1. These are decent places where you can eat French food without breaking your bank: La Madeleine ( I know it's kinda of chain restaurants) and Cafe Parisian Express on Lee Highway. Of course, you can't compare them with bistros in France in terms of taste and price. Good luck.

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      I don't think the French would be happy taking credit for La Madeline. Not really authentic French, more like cafeteria in a French setting. Oh, and the most horrendous service around for what amounts to a fast casual restaurant.

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        i also think that les halles is pretty good. their prices are decent (12-25$) and i thought their onion soup gratinee was very delicious.

        my biggest problem with la madeleine is that the line moves really slow and they always seem to be out of stuff, be it the chicken friand or the quiche or whatever. and the kicker is that one of the perks of la madeline, the free bread with the preserves, they are always running out of. i went there at 2 pm on a saturday and they were "out of bread for the day." great mushroom soup though.

      2. You might want to check out Bistro Francais right there in Georgetown. They have a pretty good price fix menu for lunch ($15.95) and dinner ($19.95). I have yet to have a disappointing meal there.

        1. I don't know of any French "holes in the wall" but good reasonably-priced, authentic French bistro food can be fonnd at La Chaumerie (in Gergetown), Bistrot Le Pic (upper Georgetown), and Bistro D'Oc in downtown DC. There are better French restuarants (at far higher prices) but these have always had good food at moderate prices (and nice ambiance).

          PS: La Madeline is not "kinda" a chain restuarant, it *is* a chain. Decent bread and pastries but definitely not a restaurant unless you consider soup & salad cafeterias to be restaurants.

          1. Also not a hole in the wall, but Montmarte on the Hill, near Eastern Market, is excellent and reasonably priced.

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              And now we have Montsouris, which opened up in the former Johnny's Half Shell space (before it moved to CapHill). Got a fairly good review by Tom Sietsma in last Sunday's Post Magazine. 2002 P St, NW -- Which is a nice healthy walk from G'town. It's Montmartre's "sibling restaurant." Have yet to try it myself.

            2. Bistrot Lepic (north Georgetown) is so authentic you could plop it down in Paris and no one would notice anything unusual. Not cheap, but not outrageous.