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where can I get a cheese cloth?

im making a stock tomorrow morning and i figured I could just get one at market basket but I was wrong. So anyone know preferably around the Medford area

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  1. Whole foods if there is one in your area.

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      i dont fell like driving to cambridge, but looks like ill have to are you sure theyll have it

    2. I always get my cheesecloth at the Market Baskets in my area - Rowley, Haverhill, and Newburyport. If your local MB was out, is there another one close to you that you could call and check?

        1. I'm not familiar with the Boston area, but in my neighborhood (PA), most supermarkets, hardware stores and paint stores carry cheese cloth.

          1. I've always found it at Star (Shaw's). Check the baking section.

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              You are the innocent victim of the cheese cloth run that usually happens around the holidays! I buy packages throughout the year, always being sure to have a couple or three on hand! They will be back in stock in most supermarkets before Xmas, but don't wait until the last minute! I find many uses for this throughout the year, straining stocks, making spice bags, blotting of grease, etc...so, have a few on hand! Now, watch for them and grab a few extra packages to last you through to 2007!

              1. Or grab some nylons at CVS :).

                1. I bought some at a hardware store (economoy hardware)

                  1. i just bought some cheese cloth last night at the somerville market basket. and i've also gotten some at shaws. my experience is that it's always hidden, and employees have no idea what you're talking about.

                    the somerville market basket stashes them above the ice cream cases next to all the cheap cooking utensils. It blends in with the lot, so you have to be extra careful when searching.

                    1. I bought it last time at the Johnnies on the Medford-Malden line (corner of the Fellsway.) They keep it with the household notions--the bottle openers, gadgets, etc.

                      1. I've always thought that the cheesecloth packages that you buy in the supermarket are a total rip-off. You get a fairly small amount of what is actually an extremely cheap cloth for like $3!!

                        Go to a fabric store and buy some cheesecloth or very coarse muslin for $2-$3 a YARD! It doesn't have to actually be 'cheesecloth', any coarse and thin cotton fabric will do. I actually use a thin, coarse muslin kitchen cloth for straining my stocks, and I just throw it in the wash.

                        But, if you prefer to throw it out, then just buy a couple of yards and you'll never have to hunt around in MB again.

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                          I'd wash it first, those cheap cloths can carry a lot of sizing (like starch). I buy discounted men's cotton hankies for this sort of thing but that's not as coarse as cheesecloth.