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Nov 27, 2006 05:08 PM

Christmas Eve in Toledo, Spain

My family is headed to Spain for the holidays. We plan to have Christmas eve dinner in Toledo. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are we right to be concerned about the availability of dining opportunities in Spain during this special holiday week?

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  1. I am not sure about that week in particular, but I found relatively little to beguile about Toledo on the dining front.

    A lot of rip off joints for the day trippers from Madrid etc etc.

    I did have one very good meal at a place called Los Quatros Tiempos ( The Four Seasons) which is worth a visit

    Hope this helps but it is not a town I would rush back to


    1. I can't say if it's open on Christmas eve, but I enjoyed my visit to Restaurant Hierbabuena-definitely not in the tourist area-you'll need a map to find it. Very friendly, very generous.
      I'd have to agree with Simon-Toledo is not as charming as it appears-there are cars everywhere, crowding the narrow streets.

      1. If all else fails, I would imagine that the restaurants at both the Parador outside the city, and the Hostel Cardenal will both be open. The food at both of these is pretty good and with the parador you get the striking view of the city. I agree about Toledo not being too exciting for chowhounds, although with only two nights there I certainly got only a tiny peek at the possibilities. The New York Times did a story about 2 years ago on a few new places located outside the walls on the high road leading to the parador; these were in hotels, I believe and would be open for the holiday..see if you can do a Times search for the story.

        1. I have been to Hierbabuena. It's a pretty little restaurant with good wild game dishes among other things. It's very close to the Mezquita Cristo de la Luz.

          Here's the list of other restaurants from the Campsa guide (a reliable source for Spain). Adolfo has two suns (think stars). Casa Parrilla has one star. Perdiz is run by the same folks who run Adolfo, but is a bit less upscale (I've heard good things about it).

          ADOLFO (dos soles)
          CL.De la Granada, 6
          925 252 472

          CASA PARRILLA (un sol)
 Toledo, 1
          LAS VENTAS CON PEÑA AGUILERA (near Toledo)
          925 418 207

          ADOLFO COLECCIÓN 1924
          CL.Nuncio Viejo, 1
          925 224 244

          AS DE ESPADAS
 la Rosa, 64
          925 212 707

          CASA AURELIO
          PZ.del Ayuntamiento, 8
          925 227 716

          CL.Sillería, 3
          925 254 774

          EL PÓRTICO
          AV.América, 1
          925 214 315

          Callejón de San José, 17
          925 223 924

          LA ERMITA
 Circunvalación, s/n.
          925 253 193

          LA LUMBRE
          CL.Real del Arrabal, 5
          925 285 373

          LA PERDIZ
          CL.Reyes Católicos, 7
          925 214 658

          CL.Locum, 6
          220 335

          CL.Sixto Ramón Parro, 5
          925 223 782

          You can see reviews and evaluations for them here:

          Your hotel should be willing to call around for you to find out what is available. If not, let me know and I could call (I live in Spain).