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Nov 27, 2006 05:01 PM

Help for a San Francisco palate in Cape Town?

I am going to visit my daughter, who is living in Rondebosch on a student budget and cannot wait to bring me (and my credit card) to some good restaurants and purveyors. Would love to try the highly-praised seafood, sample local wines and produce, stay away from feeble attempts at Italian or French cuisine. Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, wine bars, farmers' markets would be most appreciated (we won't have a car).

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  1. You should have a look through the recent Cape Town thread. Seafood and wine means that the Codfather or Blues in Camps Bay will be good. It has been a while since I was there but I seem to remember that the restaurant at the Buitenwervachting winery is supposed to be excellent

    1. I recommend Caveau(spelling?) near the colonial hotel , which is near the Cape Malay area, in central Cape Town.
      They serve south african tapas, good for lunch.
      Around the corner from there is Savoy Cabbage.
      You need to get a car and go see the wine country at least for a day, otherwise you didnt do the trip properly. Their are great restaraunts around stellenbosch and Franshoek

      1. Le Quartier Francais in Franschoek is excellent, and Franschoek is a great place to explore wines and great food. You would need a car, but it's not too difficult to rent one, and it's a fairly short drive (about forty minutes if I remember).

        Emily's (near the Waterfront) comes highly recommended, although I haven't eaten there myself, and Madam Zingara downtown was nice too. There were good steaks and seafood at Balthasar on the Waterfront and also good food at Societi Bistro, also on the Waterfront.

        Willoughby's, a little tiny place in the V & A Mall, does not have a lot of atmosphere, but the seafood is very good.

        The restaurant at the Winchester Mansions hotel in Sea Point has a quite good restaurant if you're in that area

        1. Oh Boy...are you in for a treat!
          I can highly recommend all kinds of Cape Town eats for a San Francisco palate...I have lived and eaten in both cities.
          You have to eat fish n' chips while you are there at any harbor. I love Fishermans Wharf at Hout Bay or Kalkies at Kalk Bay. Cape to Cairo is a restaurant in Kalk Bay too that is fabulous. All the menus in Cape Town carry the best fresh fish. Try Kingklip and Snoek(smoked too). The Ocean Basket franchise is very good and all over the place. The Africa Image Cafe near Green Market Square has great food when you're out and about exploring the city. The best dining experience I had was at The Africa Cafe where you have a feast of many African dishes served by women who sing, dance and drum at the end of the meal. Buy their cookbook. If travelling to wine country the buffet at Boschendal is amazing, Lanzerac too, but just as good and very exotic is Moyo at Spier winery.
          Blues in Camps Bay has the best views and sundowners(cocktails)at sunset...there are so many more. Just ask the locals where they go. I'm jealous...need a tour guide?

          1. P.S....Check out Woolworths food section to sample all kinds of SA produce and packaged foods. Try their Koeksisters!
            Melissa's is a gourmet deli that is really good I think of more I'll keep posting. When are you going and coming back?
            The tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel is wonderful. I also like the one I had at Rhodes Memorial.