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Brooklyn New Year's Eve dinner?

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Looking for a place to have a nice, festive yet low key dinner with friends on New Year's Eve. Anyone been to any places in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill or nearby neighborhoods for New Year's?

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  1. I just called Convivium. They are doing 5 courses for $80, which is a good deal, but out of my price range. Did anyone go to Tempo last year?

    1. Hi, Luz on Fort Greene is doing a New Years Eve pre fix for $70.00. 3 Course, champagne toast and one drink. I was there last year place was a lot of fun.

      1. My boyfriend and I are planning on Quercy in Cobble Hill. 4 courses, $65. I went there for NYE with a friend 3 years ago and enjoyed it very much.

        Bouillabaisse 126 is doing a $45 four-course menu that sounds pretty good as well (see OpenTable.com for details).

        1. le toukouleur is having a 3 course for $40 or 3 course and champagne $50

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            For the 2nd year in a row, we are going to Frankie's 457. This is the one night of the year that they take reservations, and they are having their regular menu with some additions. Very low-key and we had a great time there last year. Hopefully they will have the special cotechino and lentils like they did last year--so yummy!

          2. i suggest Blue Ribbon on 5th Ave. Besides serving good food, they maintain their regular menu rather than concocting a pricey special New Year's Eve menu. Also, they do not take reservations, which means a wait of about an hour, but with a very convivial crowd.