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Nov 27, 2006 04:45 PM

Gift certificate deals

Hello, all. I want to buy my sister a gift certificate as a holiday gift. I was wondering if anyone has seen any good "bonus" offers. For instance, Gejas has buy $100 certificate and get $25 certificate free. I'm not interested in buying a Gejas certificate, though. Thanks for any leads.

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  1. has a bunch of half priced restaurant gift card deals. I believe they go through a company called Emmis, which has even more listed on their website. They make great xmas gifts--$25 for $50, $50 for $100 and so on. You can't beat it.

    1. Lettuce Entertain You is offering $25 a gift card for every $100 in gift cards purchased. There are, however, restrictions so please read the fine print at the bottom before purchasing.

      1. More and more chains are picking up on the "buy $100 of gift cards, get $20-25 of bonus cards free" type deals. As sunnyday mentions, typically the $100 gift cards have few if any restrictions, but the bonus cards have restrictions (e.g. not valid on Saturdays, only valid January-March, etc).

        The Lettuce Entertain You certificates are good at all of their restaurants, and (at least in past years) also at Maggiano's (no longer a LEYE restaurant, now part of Brinker along with Chili's etc). Other places offering this deal include:

        Clean Plate Club (includes Pete Miller's Steakhouse, Merle's Barbecue, and Davis Street Fishmarket, all in Evanston, and Pete Miller's in Wheeling


        Brinker restaurants:
        - Chili's
        - On the Border

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          It's also worth mentioning that the gift cards (both regular and bonus) at the Brinker restaurants can be used at any of their restaurants; for example, you can buy Chili's gift cards and then use them at Maggiano's, On the Border, or Macaroni Grill (as well as Chili's, of course). The regular Brinker cards can be used the same day of purchase; the bonus cards are only good during January and February.

        2. Thanks for all the leads!

          After posting, I found that KDK Restaurants (Gioco, Red Light, etc.) is offering buy $100, get $50 free. That's the best deal I found and thought I would report back.

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            Did the KDK one last year & the year before too I think. Great value if you're eating there that nite too. You can use the Gift Certificates the day you buy them (but not the $50 bonus certificate). If you have a reward on your credit card too, it's a GREAT deal!

          2. One other group of restaurants that has this deal ($100/$25) is the Cameron Mitchell restaurants. Mitchell's Fish Market, a WONDERFUL seafood restaurant in the Glen in Glenview (the new development on the site of the former Naval Air Station), is their only Chicago-area location thus far, but the cards are good at all their locations around the Midwest and in Tampa. Restaurants operating as Mitchell's Fish Market comprise more than half of their locations, while others feature steak or Italian.