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Nov 27, 2006 04:41 PM

ramen in the mid or east sf valley???

we all have colds and some nice noodle soup on the way home would be good. any recs van nuys --->>>east??

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  1. I have been going to Nippon Ramen, which is on Reseda, just north of Vanowen, in a strip mall on the east side of the street. I am not ramen knowledgeable, however I like it a lot. Good service, clean, many choices, reasonable prices. I see a lot of Japanese there FWIW. Glad you asked about ramen because I would like the opinions of ramen aficionados about Nippon Ramen.

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      A second on NIPPON RAMEN as well. KYUSHU RAMEN is fine too---it's undergone a change in ownership from past years. But, HEY, a branch of Little Tokyo's KORAKU is opening up in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd., just east of Van Nuys. They have "stamina" ramen!

      1. re: Gohantabeyoka

        Has Koraku opened in Sherman Oaks or is it due to open soon? If so, when? And where on Ventura (e.g. is it going to be in the same mini-mall as El Torito)? Thanks!

        1. re: archer

          Yes, same mall as El Torito, Gyu-Kaku, Iwata. Right across the parking lot from El Torito, near Iwata. No idea when they will open, the storefront has been looking the same for quite awhile.

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            They had a "Coming Soon" sign out front for about 2 months with no movement. Last time I drove by the sign was gone but it still looked closed. I hope it opens soon!

    2. How about Kyushu Ramen on Sherman Way in Van Nuys.
      Their service is a little off, but I think the Ramen is just as tasty as Daikokuya's. They have some really good combos and also other dishes to enjoy.

      1. Second the Kyushu Ramen....

        1. Third Kyushu! Get the chanpon!

          1. Kyushu ramen is open after midnight. Nice benefit.