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Nov 27, 2006 04:32 PM

Has Pita Kabob on Province St found a new home?

I used to love this little Persian sandwich place next door to The Littlest Bar, but noted the other day that the same condo construction project that doomed TLB has exiled it, too.

I see by some recent posts that is is rumored to be moving to Chauncy Street? Does anyone have any news?

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  1. This is a mystery to me too. I've walked the length of Chauncy Street and haven't seen anything that looks like a likely spot for him to open/relocate. No sign of him so far?

    1. I've done the walk a few times too. no sign of anything..:(

      1. I had dinner during the Pats game at the Hub Pub across the street - decent cheeseburger, juicy and cooked as ordered - pre-frozen crinkle-cut fries , eh - sort of an odd smell in the place -

        Billed as the Hub's Friendliest Pub, next time I'm in, I'll ask if they know anything.

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          If you decide to dine in that neighborhood again, try Kennedy's instead. It's MUCH better than the Hub Pub.

        2. What's the latest on this? Hoping to go there today...

          1. I've been walking down Chauncy Street nearly every week looking for signs of life, but haven't seen even a glimmer of hope. There doesn't even appear to be a likely location that would be suitable for the closet-like confines of Pita Kebab. <sigh.>