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Nov 27, 2006 04:23 PM

Know of a good bakery that sells mini hamburger buns?

I'm making tiny pulled pork sandwiches for a party... Oakland, Berkeley or even SF would work. I'm looking for a nice soft sort of egg-y type bun. (If anyone has this sort of recipe, I'd appreciate that as well). Thanks!

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  1. Neldams in Oakland has mini buns. Also to consider, last time I made mini pulled pork sammies I made little biscuits and the guests loved them.

    1. How about those Hawaiian bread dinner rolls? The bread is pretty sweet. I saw them at Andronicos over the weekend.

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        King's Hawaiian also makes "whole grain" rolls that might be better suited for mini-buns...a little less soft, etc.

      2. San Francisco Sourdough has a sweet dinner roll that works very well. I used them to make grass-fed sliders with pickled onions, and they were a hit. The comapny is probably best known for the sour & sweet italian hoagie rolls you see everywhere. You can get the dinner rolls in the bread aisle of most larger grocery stores (look for the orange label, not the green). They don't overpower any of the flavors of the sandwich the way the sweet Hawaiian or sourdough might.
        Panorama baking has probably the best rolls all-around, but they're nigh impossible to get if you're not a wholesale account. They make the mini buns for Fog City Diner & a bunch of other restaurants in SF.

        1. Thanks all! Great ideas - it's so cool to be wondering something, then have several responses in a few hours. (Can you tell I'm new to Chowhound?)

          What I'm really looking to replicate are the yummy little pork wonders I had at a party catered by Living Room Events (in SF). Maybe I should just ask them for their recipe... or I wonder if they're a Panorama client.... hmmmm.

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            Panorama sells at some farmers markets. Maybe you could order ahead to pick up at one of them.


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              Just don't get seduced by the beautiful glossy, eggy dinner rolls they usually carry at the markets - they have orange rind in them.

              You may be able to special request a regular batch ahead of time. Myth uses their rolls for their sliders, too.