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Nov 27, 2006 04:16 PM

Del Posto Enoteca Review (Longish)

Made a same day reservation and ate at the Enoteca/Bar at Del Posto last night and got a seriously good deal. The Enoteca is like a mini restaurant right next to the main dining room, so you feel as if you are still in the restaurant and not at some side area crammed next to the bar. Everything is reasonably priced on its own, but the real deal, for my money, is the $41, 4-course prix fixe. For that you get a choice of antipast, pasta (primi), meat (secondo) and dessert (plus you can get wine pairings with every course for $19). I had excellent coppa with broccoli and sweet shallots, delicious orrichette with (surprisingly) spicy swiss chard and sausage, steak braciole with cauliflower puree, and a hazelnut crostada with sour cherries - all excellent. Also tried the calamari, flash fried in a rice flour batter, so they were crisp, but light and substantial without being rubbery; ravioli, possibly stuffed with duck (don't remember exactly, but they were great); and the gnocchi, which were light and melted in my mouth and were covered in an incredible bolognese. Service was very pleasant. My only complaint is that the courses came out of the kitchen a little quickly, especially considering the bar area was pretty empty. But, this is a slight quibble since the food was all so good and I feel like I found a real steal for the price.

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  1. yeah, i keep hearing and reading good things about del posto's ENOTECA. more or less the same good food but without the serious pricing. i really want to give it a shot. how was the noise and atmosphere? not too bad i hope. i like babbo and lupa, but id also like a quieter, somewhat quainter place too.

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      I thought the atmosphere was actually nicer than it seemed like it would be in the main dining room. It was quiet and reserved (dark without being too dark), compared with the dining room's almost odd art deco opulence. The piano player who was playing in the dining room when we got there a little before 6 was a bit strange too, but they switched over to music around 7, which was still MUCH quieter than Lupa (or what I've heard about Babbo - the time I ate there I sat upstairs, which was pretty well insulated from the noise downstairs).