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Nov 27, 2006 03:51 PM

mediterranean cruise cafe - MSP

Has anyone been to this restaurant in Eagan?
Apparently it's a fun environment and there's belly dancing shows on the weekends. A group of us are thinking of going there for a birthday celebration in December. I would love to know how the food is?

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  1. I've been at lunch time. Good, "authentic" (use this word sparingly when describing ethnic food) middle eastern food. The grape leaves were rich without being oily or greasy. They have vegetarian entrees.

    The owner seems to care a lot about what he's doing, and that's always a good sign.

    1. What's not to like when you're dining next to a set of blonde, early-20s twin belly dancers? (We debated for a long time on whether they're twins or just very identical sisters...they are twins).

      I really like the place -- festive, casual and excellent food. One of the few places worth crossing the river for from downtown.

      My favorite dish of late is the "Moroccan Couscous" which is a hearty lamb shank served on some very tasty couscous. The falafel is outstanding as well. We usually get the "Mediterranean Appetizer Combo" to share -- falafel, baba ganouje, hummus, and fried mushrooms with pita bread -- and I recommend that. I've also enjoyed a few different kebabs and the gyros (I'm somewhat loyal to the Franklin St. Halal Market or Beirut on South Robert for gyros but if I can't get up there, I have them here.) They also have one of the best baklava in MSP.

      Make sure to make reservations -- weekends are pretty packed there. It's a great pick for a birthday party.

      On a side note, at some point, they will be remodeling the place. You can see the plans just inside the door when you go. I asked but they would only say "we hope soon" when they will be doing the remodeling.

      Mediterranean Cruise Cafe
      3945 Sibley Memorial Highway (just east of Cedar Ave)

      1. Thanks so much for the comments and reviews. I'm looking foward to checking it out. I'll definitely make reservations before we go there.

        1. We went once, on the way home from the Zoo. I wasn't that impressed, especially given the price. Of course, in Robbinsdale, we're very, very lucky to have Athens Cafe - which has great mediterranean food for dirt cheap prices.

          Granted, they don't have belly-dancers (and serve everything on styrofoam plates) either.... but it left us less than thrilled with Mediterranean Cruise Cafe