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Nov 27, 2006 03:49 PM

In Search of Soup Today! (Cambridge/Somerville/Winchester)

Bringing some soup to my under-the-weather younger brother - want to make it something delicious as it's one of his last meals in Boston before flying back to SFO. Any suggestions in the area of Somerville/Medford/Winchester would be appreciated(Cambridge is an option as well)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Dolphin has an excellent fish chowder. J+J's for caldo verde (Kale, linguica, and chorizo). Petisco's on Medford street has several brazilian caldos -- they have a chicken (caldo do pinto or galinha/frango) and bean (caldo de feijao) which are more normal, they _might_ have canjiquinha (pork and hominy), and on the more exotic end dobradinho (white beans and tripe w/bacon, etc) and mocoto (based on stock made with cow hooves). Lupita has a nice chicken soup, but I think that is more on the weekends. Portugalia in East Cambridge has a decent canja (chicken broth with rice), but its not outstanding.

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      1. The soup noodles at Quindao Garden on Mass Ave in North Cambridge always make me feel better. There is one version with ground pork and pickled veggies that is superlative, and one with strips of pork chop that is very good too. They package things up nicely to take away, too. Avoid the seafood noodle soup, too much krab with a K.

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          Second the pork chop noodle soup - it's basically a sliced up Shake-n-Bake coated chop that your mom used to make, with tons of udon-y noodles. Yum.

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            They're not very soupy though, are they yumyum? I seem to remember them as being more saucy than soupy.

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              They are soupy. *You* are the one who is saucy. LOL

              When they pack them up, there is one container of noodles and stuff and a seperate one of broth so you can combine at home. Maybe I just like mine on the soupy side so that's how I make it.

              ... and contrary to Bob's post above, the pork chops are way better than shake n bake. Think the fine hand at the frier of a Taiwan Cafe pork chop and then think of boneless strips.

          2. The lemon chicken soup at Greek Corner in North Cambridge is terrific comfort food. And the miso soup at Sweet Chili in Arlington Center might do the trick, too.

            1. Did the horse hooves in the mocoto above just become cow hooves? Whoah, tricky edit function!

              Anyway, I used to diss Picante, but I saw suggestions here that their soups were good and tried the chicken rice recently and it was very nice -- a big bowl of good chicken broth with a bit of tomato in it, lots of chicken meat, a little spicy. Not necessarily destination soup but I was getting over a cold and it was perfect for that. I haven't tried the tortilla soup yet, I think that's more on the verde side, but that was highly recommended as well.

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                You have a sharp eye, I originally wrote "horse hooves." For some reason I have a complete mental blank translating between mocoto and cow hooves -- when I think of cow hooves, I forget mocoto, and , more commonly, vice versa.

                There are plenty of Brazilians who will not eat it, although I think its worth dropping any preconceptions to try -- its not even an acquired taste, just some folks think its too heavy. Heck posole and feijoada often use pork hooves (posole sometimes the head). Although there are different ways to make it, its generally served as a broth with small amounts of meat -- made with usual brazilian seasonings: garlic, onion, green pepper, sometimes tomato, scalions and either cilantro or parsley.

                Brazilians believe it gives you energy, particularly for the male, but good in general rejuvenation. You can also get quail eggs with it, which are also considered an afrodisiac.