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Corporate Event | Holiday Dinner - Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

We recently decided to hold a corporate event for a holiday dinner. Being late in the game, I need some help in restaurant suggestions. Any ideas or reviews are appreciated!

Date: Thurs, Dec 14th Dinner
Guests: Around 25
Budget: $75 per person all in
Location: Close by the downtown financial district
Requirements: Private Room or Semi-Private area

Under Consideration
- Urban
- La Fenice
- Marcels
- Le Papillon

Black List
- Noce (I find the management extremely disorganized and rude)

I have called the following places (some out of budget) and none have availability.
- Ki Restaurant
- Lee
- Shmooze
- Jamie Kennedy
- Ultra Supper Club
- Easy and the Fifth
- Le Select Bistro
- Crush Wine Bar
- Jump
- Rosewater Supper Club
- The Courthouse Market Grille
- Nectar
- Savoy
- La Maquette
- Terroni
- Bravi
- Amuse-Bouche
- Brasaii
- Sultan's Tent

Thanks so much!

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  1. Well, as for your 5 places under consideration....scrap them all. Not sure which one is worse than the other. As for the places you called...there are some good spots there.

    Try Biffs (OliverBonacini), or Vertical. If you can head up to Yorkville, try Prego or Spuntini. Keep us posted.

    1. From your list I would go for Urban. I had a cocktail party there last spring for about 25 people (in the semi-private room at the back with a fireplace - very nice for a holiday party). I thought the food was very tasty, there was plenty of it and the price was reasonable. Since it was a cocktail party rather than dinner we did passed hors d'oeurves and a carving station. Service was prompt and attentive. Our guests really enjoyed themselves and I would definitely use that venue again.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. I held a number of events at Vertical so I wanted to try some place new. A co-worker of mine went to an event at Urban and also really enjoyed it.

        I am also thinking about Chez Victor. Any comments?

        1. Urban is terrible. Please, like c'mon! That strip of King Street is strictly for American tourists. Does not eveyone know this by now? Chez Victor is too small, and wouldnt do it anyways.

          Try Biffs...they are probably booked though. Crush and Brasaii are other options.

          1. Check out Trevor. Great food, great space, fits within your budget... though tough to get privacy for 25.

            1. True re Urban; ick. I used to have to go there when a friend of mine was the manager. I was happy when I could stop :-/

              La Fenice, Marcel's and Le Papillon suck too. I don't know PUR.

              Here's a random imperfect list: Lalot, Caju, Verveine, the Spoke Club, Blowfish, Pony, La Palette, Nassau St Bistro, Caffe La Gaffe.....

              And what about the Brant St Diner - has anyone ever eaten there?

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              1. re: spigot

                Caju is tiny, IIRC fitting 25 people in there would be tight. Pony - not sure if they have private space?

                1. re: Teep

                  True re Caju, good point. Pony has a private room upstairs but I don't know how many it seats.

              2. Crush and Brasaii were both booked already (3 weeks ago).

                I will check out all the other suggestions. Thanks everyone!

                1. Have you checked into Kultura? There is also Quince (not my fav but they do have a private room.

                  any area of the city in particular?


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                  1. re: mtampoya

                    Close by the downtown financial district (as indicated above). Thanks for your suggestions.

                  2. Is the $75 supposed to include alcohol? If so, I don't think that's a realistic price range.
                    Have you tried Izakaya? Or, this might not be very chowhoundish, but I think you should try the Hot House for that price range, if they are available, I think it could satisfy a large group.

                    1. If all else fails, how about Epic at the Royal York? http://www.epicrestaurant.ca/